Seriously 5.0 Requirements Clarification

Some of the reqs are pretty straightforward, like insane campaign and general on ToD which I have knocked out already. However, I’d like a little bit clarification on reqs for master horde/escape characters AND maps.

To master horde maps would be to complete 50 waves on all maps on master difficulty obviously. Does that include all the old Gears 4 maps like reclaimed, dam, etc? Because technically they did launch with the game even though they’re not public as of this time.

Mastering Escape maps would mean doing the 3 maps that were out at release time like The Mines, The Hives, and one more that I can’t remember which one, please let me know.

To master horde and escape characters would mean getting them to all level 15s (theres a separate achievement for this one) or is it level 18 which is the max and when you get all skill cards dropped for that specific character?

Much appreciated!

Edit- fun fact: if you want to quickly master all the horde maps, just do the last wave (50th wave) and it will still count. Don’t need to do the full 1-50.

master all launch maps means only the gears 5 maps and all escape maps are mines,hive,descent,and gauntlet,for the max characters bit it means hit level 18 as all characters aside from the halo and sarah connor characters


Thank you! That helps a lot. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me then.

@Ektope, guess your estimate was correct, level 18 for the characters.


Did getting the characters to level 18 progress the achievement or something?

Ektope hit level 15 on one of his horde characters today and the tracker for Seriously 5.0 moved up a percent. So it’s level 15, not 18.

Also my tracker moved up 10% on Seriously 5.0 after doing 2 diff Gears 4 maps so they may count but I’m not sure if it was a delay from all the new maps I did yesterday.

Ah, was just wondering as someone (MadTV510) has everything for Seriously 5.0, but doesn’t have it.

I have a favor if you can try it for me, if not, oh well. On the game, you can check the highest difficulty you’ve completed with a certain character, and I wanted to know if you can test if you beat a map/hive on Master, would that move the Seriously 5.0 % any higher?

As that makes sense since the requirement says to “Master all launch characters”.

Yeah he’s a friend of mine too.

Mod edit: Clearing false information, I’m not 100% for Seriously Edit- ^wasnt talking about me. I was referring MadMassacre510, the person mentioned by someone above my post. I wish I was close to Seriously 5.0!

And how do you do only the last wave?

You can just change which wave you want to start on horde options in the pregame lobby. This can be done in customs, not public but would still count towards medals and achievements.

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