Seriously 5.0 part 1 fix

@TC_Shauny, back when you updated the xp requirements for re-ups, I was re-up 15 before the update, and re-up 22 or something post update. However, this glitched my achievement because upon getting re-up 20, the seriously achievement was supposed to go up by 1% from the 59% that I had to 60%; however, it did not.

Could you please look into this?

If we could get an official breakdown of the Seriously 5.0 part 1 achievement and how much does each task that needs completed count as a %, like doing the campaign would be 40%, re-up 10 and 20 1% each, etc. etc.


That achievement was a pain to track, nothing worked the way it should and numbers never matched. Xbox tracks without decimals so you won’t see progress all the time.

I suggest you focus on the other requirements for the time being and leave the % worries for the end.