Seriously 5.0 is Still Broken! - Please share to get this fixed

Hey guys, now for over a week, I reached Re-up 20 in Gears 5, and also completed the requirements for the Seriously 5.0 achievement. However it DIDN’T UNLOCK. (Watch clip below)


Here is what i have completed:

20 Re-ups level 100
Mastered all 4 launch ESCAPE maps
Mastered all 7 launch HORDE maps
I have been General in tour for 2 weeks now (I didnt see the precentage move up on this completion)
I beat Insane campaign

Currently I am trying to beat the Escape maps AGAIN on EVERY difficulty to make sure i “Master” it, but the game is very unclear on what it means to “MASTER and Horde/Character” so I don’t even know where to begin searching for anwsers.

All I am asking is that you guys please help share this post. I work VERY hard to grind and would appreciate clarification from the Coalition on what may be going on here.

I still have NO answers after posting all over Twitter, and asking arround. BELOW is the original Twitter Post. TC Octus only asked if im on PC… I told him that I playon both, but NO reply since.


PLEASE HELP :frowning:

Hey man, GSW here. Have you tried mastering all the old maps from Gears 4 too? I know they’re not “public” but technically they did launch with the game.

The reason I asked is because when I did all the 7 public maps on master, I figured I would do the old maps in case there’s a Seriously 5.0 chapter 2 or something so while I was knocking those old maps out, I noticed the achievement tracker went up from 65 to 73% or something like that. (It couldn’t have been anything else because I was on the same re-up the whole time and my character stayed at the same level during those times.)

You can just do the last wave on master on those maps (wave 50 only). Since I know for certain they do count but I’m sure you already knew that.

I know you’re at 100% now but maybe this may fix it or not. If not I can think of maybe 1 or 2 more ways to see if it unlocks.

Im going to try the last 5 horde maps to see if they helps, thanks bro.

Ill keep everyone posted on my progress. I was thinking to complete the escape maps on EVERY difficulty, but that didn’t work… just confirmed.

They are very vague when saying “Master maps and characters” what does that even mean?

  1. get all characters 18?
  2. get al cards to level 5?
  3. beat every map with every character?

they need to clarify


Funny you should ask because I made a thread yesterday asking for clarification on the levels of mastering a horde/escape characters. Some people say level 15, some say 16 and others are saying 18 so maybe try maxing them out at 18 if you haven’t already.

Also when you mastered all the horde maps, did you do the full 1-50 waves or just the last wave only? Just something to think about (as a last resort because ain’t nobody got time for 50 waves).

Also you do have all the other achievements for the other things that may be tied to the requirements for seriously 5.0, like the achievement for insane campaign, achievement for mastering all 5 or 6 horde characters (I think those are level 15s each), etc etc.

I think it’s similar to how seriously 4.0 worked in gears 4… But still inexcusable that it doesn’t unlock when you hit 100%! And the fact that TC is quiet on this doesn’t give me any hope since I’m grinding for it too (alternating between PC and Xbox both).

I will be following this thread closely for any updates but I’m pretty sure TC will give out answers, if any, on Twitter. :roll_eyes:

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I reackon you have to master all 12 horde maps old included i am unsure where people got info of 7 new ones also i would say level 15 character is not mastered as its not maxxed. People seen level 15 achievements and have assumed wrong that they will get them the 5.0 when have they ever been that easy?

Let us know, but general is glitched and may only count after tour changes

Getting achievements separately (but still a required part of Seriously) has been linked in the older Gears game. So even if that’s not the case, why would we be wrong to assume it? It’s always almost been easy for me anyway, just time-consuming.

That’s odd, have not seen anyone who hit General but didn’t get the achievement. It’s always been an issue with campaign, gears Allies, or collectibles. Did yours glitch out?

Sure you can get it as the challenge is to complete 10 launch escapes and we are only on 5 or 6 at moment.

I got a reply from Octus :

he states the requirements for Seriously broken down

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I agree I’m also stuck at 91 % please tc we need answers

Complete at 100% I have completed the two halo characters at lvl16 and the percentage of the achievement has not been moved, I am still at 94%.

This has nothing to do with the Seriously achievement

The Character requirements are below:

Get all of the Launch Characters to Level 15

Horde Launch Characters:

  • Kait
  • Del
  • JD
  • Marcus
  • Fahz
  • Jack

Escape Launch Characters:

  • Keegan
  • Lahni
  • Mac

If you already have this I would imagine the issue lies elsewhere.

Let me know :slight_smile:


The progress for this achievement has been finicky for me in the past too and had to redo a couple of maps.
Make sure the maps are “Mastered” (as in, done from start to finish) and don’t just say Master behind it in the list. The boxes need to be ticked.

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If I have Keegan, Lahni and Mac level 16. In the escape statistics I have everything completed and mastered, and in time I have everything completed but I still need to master.
completed but not mastered. It must be because of that.
Thanks for answering.

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No worries mate :slight_smile:

I imagine it would be those 3 maps.

From memory my last 3 maps left had me on 94%

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if the tracker is at 97% and you are missing 1 map and several reups I would think that would be about right.

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Get to reup 20. It does not move every reup.
Try completing the requirements before continually complaining it doesn’t work

calm I will never ask a question in this forum having people as stupid as their answers.