SERIOUSLY 5.0 - Horde question

I know starting a game on wave 50 master counts towards this achievement. What about joining a game on master? Like joining a game on wave 47 then finishing the run?;

Afaik it doesn’t count. It is the same for escape when you jump into a game already started.
You need to be in the lobby before the countdown.
Daily rewards work the same.


What @Pbs01g5 is 100% true.

Jingle Juvies. Wave 25. Striker.

You’re welcome.

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Ugh okay thanks. I thought it might count because doing this counted towards the othet master achievements. Like mastering 1 season 4 hive map and horde map.

On the topic of the Horde part of Seriously 5.0 Part 2, I’m about to try my last Horde map on master on my secondary account. It’s Atrium which should be an easy one. I’ve been avoiding this for so long because it’s so bloody boring! It wouldn’t be a bad Horde map if it wasn’t for that stupid spawn room. If only they had added a couple of extra corridors connecting it to other parts of the map so it wasn’t a “last stand” style room.

Tips to spice it up:

  1. Go upstairs
  2. Promos only
  3. Minimum forts ( eg only 4 fences and do not build lockers)

Trouble with randomers is that they just prefer missionary.

Not surprised- use your trusted friends for all the kinky stuff you want to do… in your runs :wink:

They don’t want to live a little.

To be honest, judging by the calibre of people in my game right now I reckon anything more adventurous than missionary would cause an aneurysm.

Besides, would you trust an amatuer with chokey-chokey-bum-slaps?

I hate Atrium so much. I would do terrible things to this map. I’d dig a grave for this map.