Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 Unlocked already? Well

I didn’t, but for some reason it’s not crediting me with having done them.

But you may well be right in one sense—6% needed, 6 Hives showing as not having been completed!

Yeah the maps are 1%.

I am at 99%… Sigh, says all maps master. I’m going to have to play through all of them again…

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Me as well mate, everything mastered and 99%.

A lot of progress over the course of 1-2 days wasnt registering for people, unsure if it will catch up.

I Only did the 3 new maps on master: wave 50 only, no full fun, no frenzy and mine popped, and from reading other experiences it seems to be and either or thing. Either 50 or a full frenzy needed on each map


where is the best place to check status because the stats has mixed info. does those mastered boxes have to be checked for it to pop?

Mine say Master on here, and that is what I was using :slight_smile:

so it sounds like i just need it to say master not mastered

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This is what I have :slight_smile:

Same here. I had unlocked 5.0 chapter 1. I supposed one has to master the new maps to unlock 5.0 chapter 2 which I have done. All characters are level 20. Mastered all maps; 32 escape and 35 (horde and frenzy) but its still showing me a 99% completion.

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It’s due to the server issues. The achievement tracking and in-game stats is delayed so it won’t always immediately register your progress. You don’t need to master the two maps coming in Op 8 Drop 2; and you don’t need to complete all maps in Frenzy AND 1-50 - one or the other will do. I got my achievement earlier today and I had all of Seriously part 1 completed; plus all 32 Escape hives; reup 50; plus all old maps up to present day. I just had to clear the last 3 maps (Turbine, Atrium and Ritual) on Frenzy and master difficulty. Try resetting your console. If that doesn’t work just be patient.

As an FYI, some of the other achievements are experiencing delayed unlocks too. As of yesterday I had won 4 matches as Bernie but was on 60%, so only 3 matches had registered. Earlier today I played what I thought was the 4th match as Bernie, won it, and the achievement popped straight away - so my tracking for this was delayed and in the end it jumped from 3 victories / 60% straight to 5 wins / 100% after just one more game.


So be clear you need master all escapes, 35 frenzy or 35 horde maps some people do the last wave and achivement still pop i was 97%but i check all the stat check campaing chapters etc now i am 99%the only thing i need is re up 50 that is so do the campaing, escape, frenzy because is more ez and take less time and have all clases max and re up 50 i jave only 11 maps of 50 waves complete and 35/35 frenzy and all escape ,campaing and clases are max only need is re up 50 i am re up 49 so ez dont need do both 35 / 35 can be mix is still pops sometimes need the game restart so progress keep track good luck gears

You were spot on!

Mastered those 6 Hives last night and the achievement popped!


Can anyone confirm that they have chapter 2 without promo classes level 20?




Thank you!

Wahay, just got it. I deduced that it would either be Pahanu, Regency or Tomb that had glitched for me. Turned out to be Regency. Wave 20 Jingle Juvies unlocks it too. Just solo’d it with Infiltrator.


Congrats! All promo classes maxed?

Yep, long long ago I’m afraid, so doesn’t help you out with your query. :frowning:


Nice one bro!

Did it unlock after match or you had to restart game?

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