Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 Unlocked already? Well

I think we need a Not Very Seriously 5.0 achievement.

Beginnering all horde maps
Not playing escape because it’s a horrible game mode


This has to be the nr.1 Statement in the Whole Forum i could not dissagree more with,

Thanks for sharing


Lol typical TC. They probably tried to silent fix something today and now everything is broken.

Yep can be a mix, just got it missing 7 maps on 50 wave and 3 on Frenzy but all maps covered across both modes.

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Not sure what has glitched with mine. I have completed all the requirements but stuck at 95%. Started the Campaign again on Inconceivable to see if that helps.

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I am at 98% so I guess the remaining 2% is getting to Re-Up 50. Which makes no sense. I have done all the other requirements as Promos don’t count.

They don’t?

Unlocked today after I got off work. Im not gonna feel accomplished though until I master the drop 2 maps since thats technically when it should’ve unlocked for me.


Promos count though. Why wouldn’t they.

because I am at 99% with only two promos maxed and the only other requirement I have to do is Re-Up 50. People who have already unlocked the achievement haven’t maxed out the promos.

Is there proof of this?

Talking to some guys who are big into achievement hunting and know other achievement hunters who have Chapter 2.
Edit: I know it is the I know a guy who knows a guy but in this case I think it works unless my achievement progress is borked


I was on atrium with some guys and ran wave 12 master on frenzy and wave 50 master horde. It show no progress on master .

last night i did frenzy starlight up all 12 wave from start. when done it showed master but the box was not ticked. in fact i have a ton of master maps but its not check mastered.

lastly all i still un clear do i have to do frenzy and horde all maps master?

I dont think you’re lying because strange things are happening with this achievement atm. But its most likely just the percentages dont add up nicely in the tracking.

Pleased yours popped for you!

I’m stuck at 94% and I have no idea what that 6% represents. I’ve got the Incon achievement, all classes at 20 and re-up 50. I suspect it’s either the hives or the hordes. I’ve mastered all the maps and hives but it’s just not crediting me for doing some of them.

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Yeah I was just wondering how the percentages got cut up. I mean mastering a map is 1% for some reason so I assume escape is 1%.

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Thats unfortunate. If you figure out which hives and maps you need im always down to help.

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I haven’t gotten it I need Re-Up 50. I will also max out my remaining Promos on the exp event even though I don’t think they count. I am so close anyway and I want my two remaining weapon skins.

Thanks! I always appreciate your help.

I suspect I may have to re-do some of the Hives that are showing Difficulty Master, Mastered runs completed 0.

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Those are the ones you need as you must have joined a match in progress.