Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 Unlocked already? Well

I did do the new Map as 50 and all 3 Frenzys for the new and “new” Maps and all that, but uhm… I thought we need the 2 Maps that are coming with Drop 2 aswell?

I guess i’ll take it, anybody else with the same “ISSUE”?


You don’t need drop 2 maps nor do you need frenzy.

I did wave 50 only on the 3 new maps and it popped when I restarted


As always great Communication by TC


Don’t complain, accept it for what it is :smiley:


I certainly am!


Oh trust me i’m not complaining i’m just a little surprised lol


As always, Horde can be cheesed, but Escape has to actually be completed. Lovely.

Fortunately I have most of it done already, but if I could forgo one or the other, I much rather skip Escape.

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Feel free to add me, happy to help with some Escape if you want :slight_smile:

Most of my list is high tier PVE players


Fallout and Color Blast Blood Drive, you mean?

It’s the way it should be TBH, just like part 1 works and it’s still very hard due to Escape. The game is already well over a 1000 hour completion and TC is already walking on thin ice with the re-up 60 situation and how they’re basically abusing the achievement system to get those TA people to stay in the game after taking away 83% of their progress. There are already multiple people that have quit because of it (good on them TBH, for acknowledging their problem). Achievements should be achievements, yes, but TC are pushing it for their engagement statistics.
I see some people on this forum going high and mighty because they have so much time to waste on those 50 wavers and that calling TC out on it is “hating” the game (which is typically expressed by people that can’t accept criticism ATM), it’s not. If I truly hated the game, I wouldn’t be here and playing it daily. There’s a good game inside Gears 5, but if there is anything to hate about it, it’s its inconsistency and that’s exactly what makes those 50 wave Horde matches a PITA.

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Exactly! Shut it, you fools!

At least until Sunday so I can get all the maps done at least once on either mode.

That is good to know and I welcome the change if it is intentional. I mean the achievement description is different to the blog post. Still need to do Ritual (Hate 3x Damage) and level up two promos then the road to Re-Up 50 (At 41)
Weirdly stuck at 96 % after doing two of the “new” maps.

I had 97% yesterday and today it unlocked for me


Oh, TC, just can’t ever get anything right really hahahahahahaha.

Now is this just a comms issue…or were the comms correct but the implementation in the game has gone astray?

Either way, stuff like this happens far too often. By this stage, it’s just slovenly slapdash ineptitude.

Still stuck on 99% atm, just noticed that none of the mutator skulls have flames on them for escape and horde 12 waves and 50 waves anyone else have this? Could be serrver issue as it takes forever to load up the actual mutators.

I was already confused a bit by the wording…soo we DON’T actually have to Master all Horde AND Frenzy maps? Just doing horde wave 50 is enough? Can it be a mix of both though, say you mastered a map on frenzy already so you don’t have to do it on normal horde?

Great the games ■■■■■■ and I just did the last 2 maps I needed :man_facepalming:

People complain for everything, i knew it wouldn’t be much work, I’ll get it when i do some PvE, only did PvP since OP 8

i think it can be a mix because i did Atrium and Turbine as Frenzy’s and Ritual as 50 and got the chevo.

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We don’t talk about bugs that have a positive impact on players around here, so you keep your god-damn mouth shut lol.

Edit: My post was flagged. Not designed to offend, but more of an attempt to joke about TC patching things that impact us positively when it’s broadcast, lol. Anyway, ill leave it like it is, but if someone genuinely has a problem with it then flag away and forum mods will remove it.

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