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Seriously 5.0 Achievement


(BigDieselNasty) #1

TC I have a suggestion. In next game can we please have a requirement to get a diamond rank in three or more game modes overall as well as all the requirements for Seriously 4.0 in all seasons combined to get seriously 5.0 achievement and emblem. I don’t think this unique achievement should be given to everyone . This is when the true gears players come out because right now everyone with this emblem thinks they are damn good.

(iBlazeOddish) #2

I never got Seriously 4.0 because I thought it was pretty cheap that people used private 10 man lobbies to get ribbons. So this achievement is not that unique or special in my opinion.

(LorrdexPL) #3

Only 0.08% of people who played Gears 4 got Seriously, that’s “everyone”?

(BigDieselNasty) #4

Exactly … thank you

(GB6 Kazuya) #5

Not a lot of people have it if you ask me. The Horde requirements and certain ribbons (such as Execution related ones, since it’s entirely dead…) make it near impossible.

(BigDieselNasty) #6

Hi Lorrdex it’s not everyone but everyone who has that achievement …only talking abt 0.08% out of which 0.06% are horde players . They should not be the same as versus because versus is much harder . That’s all I am saying. And yes I have every single achievement in this game but all I am asking it should be more tougher and more cherishable than sitting on for hrs and just doing horde speed runs.

(LorrdexPL) #7


I think Seriously should be about proving your mastery in campaign, horde and versus, since they’re all core parts of Gears and that’s what Seriously 4.0 did in my opinion.

The only thing that was wrong about it was getting all ribbons, some of them were pretty impossible to get a few months after the release, just like Kazuya said.

(gigidyimonaboat) #8

I still need the “Sapper Star” to finish up 4.0… I have been trying forever to get it… My last resort is to just camp the grenade spawn but I don’t like doing that stuff as it hurts whatever team I’m on… Then I just need Ole! to finish up all the ribbons… But I can’t remember the last time someone tried retro charging me… :frowning:

Edit I just did a match of social and got the sapper star lol…

I agree with @LorrdexPL Seriously 4.0 was pretty well balanced with all the game modes. I think for the people who really gun for the Diamond ranking in multiple game modes, there should just be an extremely unique character and weapon skins. You have so many players that all like different things and to play in different ways. The Seriously achievement shouldn’t be reserved for the .01%. If you are just good at MP, sure it’s a goal but many (myself included) would never hit that mark. I liked it much better than the Seriously 3.0 though…

(KPC XclusiveZ) #9

its kind always the same like for example in Gears 2 it was kinda the same but like everyone who is here I will try to get it but u have to be an addict and its difficult cause of the errors in GoW 4, I would like to see what The Coalition would do, and the campaing make almost impossible to reach this and dont forget the ribbons, so I expect that I have to play more that 300 hours in Gears 5, See you.
X e e r q.

(TheDeuterostome) #10

I have never done a speed run and I also have it. I think rank based requirement are a bit much personally. It’s like having leaderboard achievements, that’s rough. I agree with making them tougher but not in this way.

(Horde Legend) #11

True gears players? Man I’ve heard some stupid comments on the forums but this is up there…please define a “true” gears player

(SmokeTastyBuds) #12

Somebody in another thread recommended an achievement for completing campaign on incon using nothing but mantle kicks.

Id rather see that as the requirement for seriously 5.0 than D1 in ANY multi mode.

(Krylon Blue) #13

The issue with forcing Diamond rank is that it’s honestly not a test of skill in many instances. I earned Diamond 3 in KotH while playing mostly Solo but many do so in a stacked team. Unless the game implements a ranking system that doesn’t punish a solo player for their teams inability to compete this achievement requirement is beyond ridiculous. But even then it’s ridiculous because you’re then catering to Versus players and telling Horde players to shove it. Think about it for a minute do you think Horde players should be left out over a requirement less than 2% of players are allowed to achieve at any given time? What ridiculous requirement do they come up with in Horde to make it impossible for Versus players to get Seriously? There is nothing they could do to make Horde more difficult so you’re basically saying “oh well no Versus too bad”.

No thank you. Achievements should be obtainable by everyone as long as they put the time in. If you think 0.08% of all players having an achievement isn’t exclusive I don’t know where your thought process is coming from. I don’t currently have Seriously 4.0 and that’s only becaus the game is glitching at 89% I’ve Killed Things, Seen Places achievement and I’m now working on Insane campaign. As a Versus player I have to say no way.

(diablo vs24) #14

I’m not sure about Judgement, but all of the numbered Seriously achievements have just been about playing a lot.

(Duffman GB) #15

I have to agree, What is a “true” Gears player?
Is it based on K/D? Wallbouncing? Rank?

I’m a Gears fanatic, like many on here but I simply do not posses the skill to hit Diamond ranks, I would love to of course.
I have Seriously in UE, J and 4. Plugging away at 2.0 & 3.0 and will never get Gears 1, one.

I have no issue with the highly skilled players getting rewards but that should not be tied into our Seriously badge.

(Horde Legend) #16

I beat all 5 GOW games on Insane…does that make me a “True” gears player now? The things people say is just ridiculous

(slays) #17

Seriously just encourages boosting & such like, I don’t like playing the game I love in various game modes I hate just to get it… bar set too high anyway for all but the sad freaks whom have no lives

Ps yes I got Seriously 2.0 but since got a life lol!

(SpiritOSherwood) #18

I am so jealous of you. Sapper is the last one I need and I feel like I never see anyone plant grenades anymore. It’s so frustrating! Any tips? I’ve been playing on KotH.

(Louix) #19

Achievements are meant to be accessible to all players of the game.
locking some behind rankings like that are bit much.
Having diamond skins or diamond scions is fine, but as i said, achievements should be obtainable.

Seriously 4.0 was a long grind for some, but I think it was a perfect balance of requirements.

(gigidyimonaboat) #20

It was so funny… After I posted that, I just hopped into a social game… TDM on Dam… I was gonna grab Embar and someone was coming up the middle… She planted a nade and I downed her right after she planted it… It was complete luck… Shortly after got the Ole! as well… Dumb luck…