Seriously 4.0 issues

Got the achievement % to 87 and I’ve done everything I’m suppose to do you have to have a rank placement in every mode during the existing season?

I know you have to have a rank placement in modes in a season (finish all placement matches.)
So if you need to do it this season, I would.

Another question is “I’ve killed things, seen places” required in order to get seriously? Also can you just do horde mania or monster mash on every launch map?

You need to do all 50 waves on launch maps is all, so yes. I’d just do standard Horde as it ensures you do all 50 waves. Just my opinion.

You can’t do horde mania or monster mash then?

If those types go only 25 waves (I think they do) then no, not for Seriously 4.0

Another thing as far as placement matches go, I did all the modes before they took out Warzone & Arms Race. I think they changed the requirements to not include those.

Man just when I thought I was super close to seriously lol thanks man appreciate the help

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No problem. Good luck on the rest of the way.

It’s been a long one lol