Seriously 4.0 in April 2019

Hey everyone, first post on the forum. Been a lurker for a long time now but never really posted. I see there were a lot of issues regarding Seriously but this post is a little different. There may still be a post similar to this, so apologies if there is.

Last night [4/18/19] I finally unlocked Seriously 4.0! I have taken many breaks on this game and never really got into horde until recently. After the dedicated grinding and countless hours I have finally gotten my 3rd out of 4 Seriously achievements. My question is, are there any in game or XBL profile rewards for achieving this milestone? I know Seriously… from Gears of War 1 was the gamerpicture which I still represent with to this day. I don’t think Seriously 2.0 had anything. I never got Seriously 3.0 so unsure about that one.

I recall seeing there was an emblem for Seriously 4.0 back in the day. I was hoping there would still be a possibility to obtain that emblem or something like that since that emblem is one of the most badass emblems across the board.

TC, if you added it to my account, I wont tell anyone :wink:

Hey mate,

There was a special emblem for such achievement, but unfortunately it had a deadline, so it is unobtainable at the moment.

Nothing special about though, since it’s not transferable to Gears 5, yikes!


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Well played. We just got an emblem, to be fair it is a sexy emblem. Not as cool as my Epic Reaper Onyx on J but still.

Again well done, you have my/our respect.:+1:

Damn, I was hoping there would be a late bloomer emblem that I could surprisingly get haha. Good point that it wont be transferrable to Gears 5. Maybe they can have emblems to show the Seriously’s you gotten in the past. I think they have a similar idea for people who played the games prior.

@Duffman_GB Thank you very much! The community is super helpful (usually) and definitely helped me obtain it.

Also, I agree. That Epic Reaper skin is unreal lol. I dont even recall how its obtained.


And people say we’re a toxic community lol


I think of us a lovely family! Yes sometimes we give tough love but we all have Gears in our Blood!

…something inspirational…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I disapprove what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it…

Within reason :wink:

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