Seriously 4.0 emblem (2)

After unlocking Seriously 4.0, aren’t you supposed to receive an emblem?

No that was only for the people who did it within the first year of the game’s release. After Nov 2017, no emblems are given out for it


It was first year exclusive.


To earn Seriously 4.0, this is what we had to do:

1. Complete the Campaign on Insane Difficulty
2. Get to Re-Up 10
3. Earn all Ribbons at least once
4. Earn a Rank Placement in each mode
5. Get all 5 classes to Level 10
6. Level any 5 Horde Skills to Level 5
7. Complete all 10 ‘on-disc’ maps from Wave 1-50 (any difficulty)

This was when it was still under development by TC. To skip ahead and read It’s at
Just start where ever at


Get it tattooed & you can get it

Tbh even though the tattoo looks so awesome, I feel its very unfair to anyone who got Seriously 4.0 after the 1 year can’t get the emblem. Yet that user was able to get it after the 1 year…


Yeah Dana said I could get the Blood Moon Imago if I tattooed it on my leg

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‘First year’ exclusive sounds like the exclusity is going to run out soon and be made available?

Nah, I meant like only people could get the emblem during the first year.
From second year and onwards, it’s unobtainable.

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If this game wasn’t so old I’d get a tat with video proof for a Blood Moon Imago. I like that scary looking stuff. But since Gears 5 isn’t too far ahead, I’d rather not. Unless, I could have two characters to use, one for Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 “in the beta too.”

Gears 3 has one. Why not for Gears 4? Makes no sense.

They did make one, it was kinda like a timed challenge achievement but in a real achievement that unlocked it.