Serious solutions that will decrease the # of AFK (idle) players in RANKED

OK, this believe it or not, is a serious post, about a SERIOUS problem.
I will give the problem, possible solutions, AND WHY I THINK IT IS A PROBLEM.

If I somehow offend you, I think you as a player are part of the problem AND DEFINITELY are NOT part of the Solution.

Problem: People going AFK for even 1 minute, let alone THE WHOLE MATCH (example: someone goes idle AND only moves when THEY DIE, or get booted. Or someone goes idle for EVEN 1 (ONE) Minute 1 time, let alone 5 separate times in one match.

Why is this a problem (IN RANKED KOTH): At any point when anyone goes idle, it essentially gives the other team an advantage or at the very least PUTS your WHOLE team at a DISADVANTAGE!! Simply because it doesn’t matter if it is one person for 1 minute or 2 for 20 minutes, there is essentially a 5v4 (or worse) the whole time said person(s) are AFK. This has personally caused me to lose a lot of matches as well, I would go as far as saying, ALL OF THEM, because I rarely if ever have lost a match without either an idle player (5 minutes idle time or more) OR A QUITTER. I know this because I pay attention.

Solution(s) : Force these players TO PLAY SOCIAL the amount of times they go AFK for (I’ll
be nice 2 minutes or more in a round. Example someone spends (somehow) a whole 10 minute round (seen it) AFK. They should be forced to(however long it takes) to complete 5 social matches in a row without going AFK for more than 10 minutes. If this takes an hour, day, week, month, or a year, GOOD!!!

GIVE BREAKS IN MATCHES?? I know it sounds silly, but I have personally watched people, basically take a break after EVERYTHING they do. Kill someone, take a break, break the hill, take a break, heck i’ve even seen one or more of them be AFK, take a step and go AFK AGAIN!!
Perhaps we could make a new playlist?? Whichever team can have the most players spend the most time AFK and STILL MANAGE TO WIN, win??

PUNISH THEM (MY FAVORITE): Give them an AUTOMATIC LOSS and not 1 but the 4 extra that they caused. Because they essentially caused 5 losses and make these losses count towards their DROP IN RANK. Ban them!! Just like it sounds, for example, everyone gets a set number of AFK minutes every week, month, season, doesn’t really matter. Go 15 minutes in a week, banned 15 minutes, do it again 30, again 1 hour, pretty simple. Everybody has same amount everyone gets the same punishment, DOUBLED EACH TIME!!! Funny, I have played 1300+ matches of ranked KOTH and I might have spent 20 minutes TOTAL AFK.

Make Ranked into something that must be earned to play: For Example change Ranked Placement system the following way(s). Increase # of matches from 5 to 10 AND ADD 5 game PROBATION PEROID!! In these 15 matches you must do the following: Do not quit in 15 consecutive RANKED Matches AND in the 15 Ranked Matches spend no more than 30 minutes AFK Total. For example you play 9 straight games and you never quit but either quit or reach AFK total time. YOU START OVER!! PEROID, BECAUSE YOU DON’T DESERVE TO PLAY RANKED MATCHES (in my opinion). Notice that I said 10, this is because after Ranked Placement the player essentially gets a clean slate. However if they can’t play 5 consective matches without quitting or 10 minutes AFK, they will start over when AND ONLY when this is done. Now if you lose power etc. (basically quit by no fault of your own) you get a freebie(s) as long as you didn’t leave on purpose, ie to play FORTNITE. However the ban portion still is in effect as stated above. Is this an easy thing to do?? YES IT IS!! EITHER PLAY THE GAME (RANKED) or DON’T!! If you quit or go AFK THEN YOU ARE NOT PLAYING!! It’s really not hard and as stated above I rarely if ever QUIT OR GO AFK. If I quit I either lost connection or I am REPORTING AND BLOCKING THE VERY AFK PLAYERS AND QUITTERS (EVERY ONE)!!
Or last (but the best) solution: Stay out of Ranked by playing Social or earn the right to play and follow the rules or be banned OR STAY IN YOUR OTHER GAME, PLEASE!!!

If you have better (more) solutions please share and DO NOT give excuses OR push the blame to ANYBODY ELSE!! Did I mention, that in 1300+ Ranked KOTH matches I have been AFK maybe 30 minutes TOTAL AND QUIT MAYBE 15 matches?? Probably, because I am either reporting someone or I’m tired of losing BECAUSE OF THE PROBLEM!!


That’s a big ■■■ wall of text and I’m not going to lie, I only read about half of it. I do agree though that AFK players are a huuuuggggeee problem. Pisses me off to no end and something needs to be done. I’ve also seen players remain AFK an entire match. They get killed they respawn, they get killed they respawn and so on and so forth. So you’ve essentially got a 5 v 4 going and it’s in their favor, this isn’t right. We need a solution.


I agreed, Sadly TC won’t do anything you have suggested because if they ain’t thought about it they won’t do it even if they did they still won’t. It is something strange that customer service doesn’t matter to them where all a number not a person. How much cash can we suck out of them, than can we suck a little more.

I’m not gonna write toooooo much but… the reason why i quit mainly is that either

unplayable lag


teammates that quit

there are a lot of ppl who just quit due to rage or something has came up… people who quit because they have to leave or something are usually casual players.

raging… i rage a lot… im not gonna lie… id rather rage from a game than cause myself to have a brain aneurysm and play through the thing. ik ragers are hated among the community and i feel that it has to do mainly because of lag/stacked teams.

im sure not to worry too much because there are a few other posts that were created like this. TC is deff working on a system for quiting and im sure it would be implemented in the next game but i agree there needs to be something done.

Not sure if you read the post. I am fairly sure I am talking about AFK players???

nope… lol just like GAUNTLET it was deff way too long i just skimmed

afk players are annoying i agree lolol

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We need quitters to be grouped with quitters. If you rage, get scared, bored, etc and decide to ruin the game for everyone else in the lobby and waste 20min of their time, then you get to play with people like you.
If you decide to be responsible and finish your matches for several weeks, then you get to play with responsible players once again.

I like to think that xbox live could be like the real world some day so that if you behave poorly, you don’t get to participate with courteous people who behave themselves, Silly dream, I know.


I agree with you 100% and I hope that someday the option to Play Ranked will be something that is EARNED. And people who do the behavior listed should only be able to BEHAVE this way in Social or only be ABLE to do it to EACH OTHER (for example with people who are known to quit or go AFK).

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You lost me at 20 minutes AFK.

Well, since 2 and 3 can relate to 1… The general solution that could work is to make matches playable with minimum lag. How? Just filter them better!! Just reduce the allowed to join lobby network latency window of 250ms (quarter of full second!!) to something that WON’T GENERATE LAG like 60 or 80ms max… Ranked matches only ofc. Then and only then apply penalties for INTENTIONAL quitters not lagged out players or dissolved lobbies… ez
Thank you very much for you kind attention.

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Very hard to read. Wall of text and an incredible overuse of caps. I would also suggest cutting out most of the rambling because this post would be more effective at 40% of the length.


Just put them all in a Quitter lobby. Simple.


10 placement matches with an allowance of 20 (TWENTY) total AFK minutes allowed. In other words if you go AFK for 20 minutes BEFORE you COMPLETE 10 Ranked Matches then you START OVER at 1 and play until you can do so. If it takes 10, or 20 or 30 matches to do, well…THERE IS a Social Playlist.