Serious question in regards to the servers

I live in northeastern U.S. Why is it that, no exaggeration, every single time I play ranked while solo queuing I get thrown into lobbies of all Hispanic people. Not 1 person even speaks English. That doesnt bother me though or I wouldnt play solo. It’s the connection. Despite being around 30-40 ping, it’s so laggy nd glitchy. In my server I’m 1-10 ping. Now my question : Is the playerbase really that small for U.S. players in koth? I know it’s not. So why am I consistently in Mexican lobbies when I solo? Its starting to ware on me. I play with squads alot but I enjoy rolling the dice and soloing a fair amount too. For nearly 3 weeks now it’s been happening to me.

You probably need to set your region in the game settings

How? I thought that’s automatic. You can only set if you prefer lower ping or faster matchmaking. And ranked cross play on or off.

Theres nothing you can do

US servers are the home server for most of Latin America


Thank you. You’re wrong about 1 thing though. There is something I can do. Throw this game away. No longer have an urge to play due to being in their servers atleast 25 matches straight. Not to mention the rank system took all the skill based aspect of versus away which surprisingly is the only thing that has happened to this game capable of making me lose the urge to play lol.