Serious question, if I leave a competetive match when it is over but before MVP is shown, does it incur penalties

As the title says, I don’t care who is MVP or how the leaderboard looks all I want is to finish my medals, watching scoreboards and mvp just wastes time.
It’s still threatening to give me penalties at that point though the game is over.
Anyone know, don’t feel like community service for no reason :stuck_out_tongue: that is even worse of a time waster.


I think u need to wait for the xp screen before u leave.


Ah well that is what I feared. Thanks.

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In other words, you need to finish the match completely lol

I don’t like playing quickplay.

I can earn 2000 points easy in a quickplay match. But my ban won’t get lifted unless I complete the match to its end?


After I earn 2000 points, the game forces me to stick to complete the quickplay match to the end, otherwise it won’t register,

They should change it to, as soon as I earn 2000 points and leave immediately, my score gets recorded and my ban gets lifted.


Well in quickplay it at least registers when the game has ended, you don’t need to wait through the MVP and Result screens.

What if the extra 3-5 seconds is too much to wait?

More like 10 - 15. It’s pointless because the win or loss has already registered.
Pretty easy to see since if you have a “Win a VS game” it will register right at the actual end of the game, before the result screens.
It’s a time waster like a long execution before the end, also did I mention I hate Jin and Niles ?
Interestingly Quickplay let’s you completely skip the Xp screen also.


Well Microsoft and Sony made a new console just so people can load up games 30-40 seconds faster. So yeah the world is moving towards the direction of everything having to be instant lol.

I would seriously,



Like to disable the splash screen on Gears 5.



After the MVP screen,

I can exit out very, very quick.

See above for my main issue.

That initial splash screen takes up way too much time.

I could load the whole game in 4s otherwise.

Fair enough. I do agree with OP that waiting for the end of a match it’s relatively annoying.

By the way, on the new xboxes you can actually load the game straight into the main menu thanks to Quick Resume. It takes a few seconds (much much less than waiting for the splash screen) to load up online and I love it.

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Eat a biscuit.

I wholeheartedly agree the splash screen is pointless on a decent PC or the new XBox.


Hah Console advantage!!!11111111

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Likewise. For that statement, you get this; :cookie:

Yum Cookie!


While it’s not a huge deal and players probably like this, I would rather the match would just end instead of going to the unbelievably bad voice-overs from Nile’s and Jin, the part where the MVP flips everyone off and the result’s table lol.


At least they aint on a pedestal and their teammates arent hanging about behind them doing the same.

I was using a gaming laptop (bought it 3 years ago) that unfortunately underperforms compared to the series S, so yeah the xbox series s has been pretty cool so far. I may not go back to pc gaming since I’m more casual about games and honestly consoles just feel more appropriate for gaming. Or maybe that’s just me justifying myself for my lack of money lmao.

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Yeah because I would probably end up messaging on game chat (if it worked) saying “I don’t know them” lol.