Serious Question for TC about competitive penalties

I’m not gonna complain here how it is unfair I had to do community service for quitting,
If I quit I fully deserve the repercussions, I would just like to know how the layout of these is.
Say, how many quits cause how many quick play games, is there a threshhold and can staying in games reduce the penalty.
I’ll be open here, I do not enjoy the pvp this operation, I am generally willing to do what I need to reach my goals.
I would just like some more clarifications of penalties.

Just last weekend my area lost power while being mid-match and didn’t have internet for 2-3 hours and the game registered it as if I quit so had to play 2 QP matches with a minimum score of 2,000

Think I remember it say the more often you do it the more QP matches you have to play? However I don’t know what the “cool down” period is or how long the data stays in game

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I would actually like TC to shed some light on this.

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I doubt they are going to tell you

If they did then you would be able to tactically quit based on how much community service you were prepared to do

Let’s see if they prove me wrong


Yeah I don’t expect it either.
And you are right, one could,
Generally penalty systems tend to be pretty clear though, just so people do know what they get themselves into, this one isn’t.
Well the one before wasn’t either I guess.

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I think the penalties get harsher exponentially. at least that’s what was said about Ranked 1.0

who knows what the rules are now after two overhauls