SERIOUS problem with rank and matchmaking with 5 man squad! ANYBODY HAVING THIS ISSUE?!?!

Alright, this is going to come off as a bit unfair, but it is what it is. I like playing with a 5 man squad to ensure the dub, who wouldn’t? I also typically play with the same 5 man squad, daily, with the exception of a random 1 or 2 if my peeps arent on. In the past two days, we’ve legit only lost 2 games out of a minimum of 30+. We have all re-upped, at least once, some twice, and one approaching his third. Our ranks are silver 2, silver 3, onyx 1, gold something and I don’t remember what the fifth is, silver something. Now that you have the backstory, time to get into the issue.

We cannot find a match anymore!!! No matter who is host, no matter the game mode, it doesn’t matter. The game will no longer match us up with ANYBODY!!! I understand yeah we go hard and probably make people want to quit the game, but not allowing me to play with my squad is making ME not want to play the game. All of my other friends are playing ranked in 5 mans, why can’t we? It’s as if the games algorithm has shut us down from playing with each other. Tonight, we legit tried for 2 hours switching host after host, game mode after game mode, waiting a minimum of 6 or 7 minutes before trying each mode and restarting match making and the game won’t allow us to play together!!! Period!!! BUT, when I switch to my 2nd account, which is unranked, and join the squad, I find a match in less than 15 seconds with that same 5 man squad. As if 1 person being unranked makes THAT much of a difference when the other 4 players have won that many matches together back to back to back??

My idea of a solution: if the algorithm can’t find a team within our tier that they find fair enough to match against us, put us in a higher one so that there is competition and so I can play on MY account that I want to continue ranking up and getting things for. It’s not fair to flat out deny us from playing with each other because everybody we play gets slapped. If the game is going to allow people to have a 5 man squad, it should allow that 5 man squad to find a match no matter what has to be done to get them one.

One other problem I see is that even though I have won all of these matches and gone positive in all of them, why am I still a silver 2. Is someone who goes 25-5 any better than someone going 10-2? No, k/d would still be 5.0 and if I can’t play within my tier due to something like this, then something needs to be fixed.

Is anyone else having this problem? If I’m missing something here can someone please correct me (positively please, I’m not trying to make this an argument, just trying to figure out what the deal is) because this is ridiculous. I’m not trying to be toxic or down the game, I’m legit just trying to play it and have the best probability of winning what I play while having fun doing it. Waiting for hours to find a single match with a 5 man is certainly NOT fun. Nor is it fun/fair to attempt to place us against others of my tier when we have a win streak like this.

I actually had this problem as well tonight. We alternated host 3 times, we restarted our machines, and the longest lobby we sat in waiting was twenty minutes. We easily spent over an hour searching with many, many cancels and restarts.

Just seems odd. I can jump in with a 3 man and it finds 2 randoms within a few minutes, but the moment I have a full team and depend on the game stitching together the opposition, it takes eons. This game just launched, and it’s really infuriating when I spend more time waiting in lobbies vs actually playing the game.

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That’s legit what we did bc 2 of our dudes got so pissed off they shut off their consoles :joy:. But when we did this, even though we still won, the 2 random players I dont want to play with that are trash take away all of our lives in minutes and then quit!! We 3v5d that match! And that in and of itself is sad!!! Which is when I got off and made this post. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one and wasn’t ranting about something that was only happening to me lol