Serious lag or glitchy killcams?

What’s going on, ladies and gents.

It seems like at least once per game, I’m getting domed or downed by ‘Wanted’ bullets, aka bullets that travel around corners. Example: I’ll run around a wall or pillar, now completely out of the other players camera, only to get downed anyway. I’ll look at the killcam, and see his bullets HIT the air, blood magically appearing out of nothing, and then I’m dead.

There just seems to be some issue that’s not registering my movements right before I get killed. It’s very, very frustrating. I rarely experienced this on the old Gears, even when they first launched, but it’s very common in GOW5 and really ruining the MP experience for me.

Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s no secret that Gears 5 has aim assist and bullet magnetism. That may explain your “Wanted bullets”. Also the killcams are rarely a 1:1 representation of what happened. Sometimes the killcam doesn’t even play for me.

It’s a combination of both the killcam and bullet magnetism. Don’t rely on the killcam bud as it doesn’t portray how things happened accurately.

Right, the bullet magnetism. It’s really baffling to me how this got through testing, or even worse, was completely intention. The worst is when a guy clearly misses with long shot and you still get domed.

Does anyone know if it was addressed in the livestream they had? I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

I only glanced at what was discussed in the most recent stream, so can’t say for sure, but here’s the link if you want to give it a look.