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Serious idea to help newbies

I think it’s great that Gears is fishing for a bigger player base, Lord knows we need it, but it’s at the cost of the gnasher playstyle, for the most part.

This isn’t another turn down lancer gimme my shotty back thread, b4 you think that, I like and use all weapons. It’s just an idea to help level the playing field, in a better way.

It’s been said time and time again that wallbouncing super shotty players put new players off from the game, and I think we can all agree, it’s no fun being on the receiving end of that if you just don’t yet understand what’s happening.

But, who’s to blame?
You could play through all Gears campaigns, become pretty awesome with every weapon, then step foot in MP an get trashed with moves you’ve never envisioned, why?

Because the game doesn’t teach you!

Now I understand many games have their MP only quirks but for gears it’s slightly bigger than that, it’s been the friken meta since inception, the biggest factor in many MANY players sticking with the franchise, hell falling in love with the franchise, but yet the game just doesn’t really acknowledge it.

Honestly, should a player have to rely on YouTube to learn what an upA is?

So my proposal is pretty simple, a training grounds that teaches ALL the MP ‘moves’ IN GAME

Much like a fighting game where you gota press the combo with the right timings etc. A safe place for anybody to learn or brush up on MP skills (vs bots is not good enough for gears moves)

I’d like to see a, "bounce here past this guys shot, then here past this guy, now slide up to this wall, holding left to swing the camera around whilst sliding, press back on the left stick to cancel slide and shoot that guy coming after you. ETC ETC ETC covering ALL the advanced movement and moves.


Yet remain possible to close without exposing new players to rage inducing hardcore players, until they choose.



I gotta say I really like this idea honestly. Personally I watched all Dutchy’s videos and just have continued to try and get better. I have always wanted to get in a group private match with higher level players and practice and learn from them. But something like this could be a neat idea if done right.

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Yea I learnt alot from those, an that’s kinda the problem, loads of us learnt how to play this game OUTSIDE the game. Something that just inherently feels wrong lol

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Yes this is a great idea!

Ffs I’ve been playing Gears for almost 10 years and never heard of upA’s. Just checked it out and boom, mind blown. I’ve noticed people do these quick shots but always thought it’s some pop shot stuff.

Feel like an idiot now lol.

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Duuuuuuuuude :expressionless: I feel your pain, that’s literally the heart of the problem with this franchise, go seek out more lol, then go try them out in training, there’s a whole section on pro moves an complex game plans… oh wait, soz. Too soon :grin:

Yeah its harder to apply in game cause when you get it wrong the result is you die lol…I think it would be cool if some of the senior forum guys put on like some sort of private boot camps to work with other players in the community. I know there is a lot of toxic people within the community that would put it down but I think there are a lot of decent people that really want to see the player base expand. I really play this game for fun but having played sport competitively I still miss that feeling I used to get. Now I just try not to get too drunk when I play :rofl::joy::beers:

Competitive sport! That is EXACTLY the “feeling” this series used to bring to the table, don’t get that with any respawn mode tho, can’t believe they tried to cut execution, the last surviving game type that really kept that feeling.

But in competitive sports, there’s loosers.

Just can’t have that nowadays, EVERYONE gets a taking part badge lmfao.

Oh and I believe even most of the toxic gears community would agree if nothing gets done again, EVERY gears fan looses out in the long run.

Also as a side note, it’s just occurred to me that the latest Trials bike game featured a youtuber as a trainer, that’s what I wana see here. With vids you can watch over an over till you grasp what’s going on.

An yes, the amount of time I spend in game sober these days has been drastically reduced over the years, but I’m not gona blame anyone but me for that :grin:

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Sad thing for me is I didn’t get into online play for many years. My first MP experience in a team setting was Left for Dead. All the while I have played the Gears campaign but didn’t get into MP til late in 3. And it wasn’t until 4 was released that I was like damn, I really want to get into this game and took the time to learn . Like I really wish I could go back in time and get into it from the beginning but back them I was refereeing hockey so that was my competitive fix. Oh well for me its a stress relief (not sure how lol) and its a chance to get with friends that are too far away and have a few drinks. With that said I still hate losing!!! But I get to get drunk so that’s a WIN!!!

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Luckily we have custom lobbies again. I used hours-long matches of Annex with all sniper spawns back in Gears 1 to cut my teeth without being a burden to other players. I’ve started to do the same here in 5 to learn how to keep up with these wallbouncing crackheads. It’s a painful learning experience.


Maybe you can jus consider yourself lucky you escaped the majority of the Host advantage era, and take a double win :sunglasses:

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HA HA I can only imagine how that must of been considering what we have to deal with now. Other than the lag comp my only real complaint when it comes to playing is how many people quit and go AFK. My normal crew that I play with are on opposite schedules than me so I have to solo a lot and we all know how that goes. Its like why do people waste time getting into a game to only stand there or people not working together for the win. That’s the best feeling when you are talking and working as a team and get that win…yeeeeaaaahhhhh, that is the best. Maybe I will get lucky and find a good game this morning when I get home from work.

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Wallbouncing crackheads :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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