Serious Horde Players?

Does anyone want to reach lvl 50?

This is getting frustrating. Play 10 levels… quit. Play 20 levels… quit.

Or even worse the people that start a match, get no kills in 5 levels, then quit leaving us with an AI. More than one person that does that and you have 2 or more AI, and you can forget about level 50.

Another thing… this is Horde everyone… not rocket science. I know it’s not Gears 1, 2, 3, or 4, so yes… horde is different here. If you are of average intelligence you should have the cognitive ability to get good at it.

Stop blaming the game because you suck at it!!!

Too many players are using the changes in horde as an excuse for sucking at it.

It’s a different game!!!



Go custom that’s what I do unless I ain’t got time to do 50.

I can’t go to 50 every time I play, I can go for an hour or two but three is stupid.

Don’t know if its the map or teammates but the 3 games I’ve finished 1-50 all took 3+ hours (one took less than that but all 5 of us were carrying a trishot and you rarely see that).

Now I just search for an ongoing custom game.

I would put penalties for those who leave the game, if you know that you are not going to complete horde do not play it, the only thing that you get out of the game is to leave the other players hanging and making them not complete the full waves.


I did 50 a few times with randoms… I truly hate looking for a group because the sense of a challenge is lost for me(besides their garbage rules). I’m NOT in a hurry to level up, so finding randoms and making it to 50 it’s the best reward I can experience(like striking gold). So back to your topic: if u are in a need to make it to 50 then u probably need to go look for a group.

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I beat 1-50 solo on Exhibit like a day after Gears 5 was put in early release, just turn the AI on and 1-50 is easy, I’ve done 1-50 one too many times at this point. But I do agree that players need to quit ■■■■■■ leaving matches, it’s been like this since Gears 2 (I THINK) or the even WORSE part, you get to wave 49 or 50 and players leave because you keep failing 49 or 50 :expressionless:

I hate random teams where everyone seems to run around fighting, rather than actually protecting a hardened location - then inevitably get downed in places where it’s almost impossible to get to them.

But yes, people leaving is absolutely epidemic. They need to either provide an added incentive for staying, or punish people for leaving. I had three people drop at Wave 37 last week, after we finished with one person down (I assume there’s an achievement or something for that never happening?), and that was basically the end of our run. At first I assumed it was the servers being wonky, but now it’s clear people just leave at the first sign of trouble.

It’s selfish, and I can’t stand it. We all chose to invest our time, and you leaving wrecks it for four other people.

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I dont have a problem with quitters. Just host a horde and there is no problem.
The only problem i see is, that Del/Kat are way overpowered with turret spamming. You literaly sitting in the back watching your towers killing all enemies / do dmg and you always will be 1st place…
I know it is a “Team mode”, but what is the point to show stats at the end of each round? The big problem there is, i see way too much ego del/kats just building turrets for saying “Hey guys im 1st im the best”. That ruined horde.
They should reset the kills/dmg from turrets and better is they should replace it with “dmg dealed / healed” because this is way more team play and the next issue. Jack. It is impossible to be 1st place with jack (as long as your not only reviving…) but if “dmg dealed / healed” would be added, that would be a far better idea from an useless jck (stats wise not playwise) and Del/Kat player who only spam turrets to be “the best”…


My brother and I are getting frustrated as well.

Yesterday we were playing horde elite and when we reached wave 48, a random dude started depleting all our big guns as well as placing all our turrets facing the wall … we stranded in wave 50 :frowning:

It would be nice to befriend some serious players who approach this in an adult, tactical way and are in this for the long run.

Feel free to add me if interested: Terra Addict

If I were you, I’d never attack Gears community unless you’re very sure that many quits due to their lack of collaboration.

Servers are unstable so many gets kicked without obvious reason as per their messages sent to me.

As for current horde setup, for me it lacks the initiative of continuing playing without fully cooperative team.


I’m pretty sure you mean Sentries and that’s been a strategy many people have used for years. There are a ton of effective engineers who do it well so by the time you get to certain rounds, it becomes easier. I agree the point screen is pretty useless.

When you go to LFG look for posts listing no sensries, no turrets, phrases like “engineer wont carry you,” etc. There are lots of people who are good at horde and want to play without sentries… I’ve played many such games in 4…

As engineer (in 4) i’d be at the bottom of the score list all the time, but that wasn’t an issue, because everyone knew without my 220% health decoys and Overclocked lockers no one would be finishing 50 waves of inconceivable … and we’d swap roles, and there are plenty of people who play this way.

But that’s an advanced strategy,for people who are good at the gsne and enjoy playing it.

Spamming sentries is the easy way out…

I’m not sure I’d call using decoys, barriers, and reining down dropshots an “advanced” strategy. It’s a different strategy at least.

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If you’re looking to go the full 50 with a team I’d definitely go to the groups section. Randoms often drop out and it is frustrating. Groups is your best bet. I find lots of people willing to play the full 50 and have completed it many times that way.

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