Serious game-breaking bug in Act 2 Chapter 4

I’m currently in “The Source of it All”. I went exploring around the map completely before I entered a comm tower, including the abandoned mine. When I got into the East Comm tower, I cannot complete the signal trace - all I see is a map with a bunch of signal sources on it that say “Signal Mismatch” when hovered over; no sliders ever show up.

Reloading checkpoint, restarting the game both do nothing. The furthest checkpoint back that I can get to is in the blizzard area running up to the East Tower, but I can’t get back out into the world. I’m hoping that someone else has gotten around this, or that it can get fixed quickly; I’d rather not go all the way through Chapter 4 again.

The signal you’re looking for is not at any of the default sites shown on the map. Try slowly moving around some of the space that looks unexplored and see what happens…