Serious bugs Xbox One X

So I just downloaded gears 5 tonight, I have slower internet in my area and it took awhile to get. Leaving my xbox on over night, to finish the download. Really excited for the game and could barely sleep. All that excitement has turned to disappointment and disbelief. How was this even allowed to be released as early?

I could barely make it out of act 1, just now at the time of writing this, am in act 2 ch 1. The amount of problems I’ve encountered are astounding. From walking through an area and just completely falling through the map to my death, which also intitates an auto save! So you cant reload a checkpoint to get past the area again, no! You have to start the entire area alllll over. Previous checkpoints? Nope! They throw you into an endless loading screen that does nothing. To on screen visual bugs, fps dips, not being able to progress in a level because of lack of actions to be performed, to move to the next area.

Also, once your game encounters the endless loading and you quit to dashboard, my console started having serious issues with lagging and not loading anything on screen, forcing me to hard reset my system. That is absolutely unacceptable. In game problems are one thing, but to affect my actual console, which is only a week old, is not okay.

I have screen shots and videos of everything I’ve encountered and can replicate all of it repeatedly. It happens throughout every level, chapter and act. It’s not just 1 or 2 acts as people have said on here. The entire campaign is broken with game breaking(forced to reset) bugs. How did this pass testing? I’d love a dev to answer me back.

was fine thursday, broken now. havent had any checkpoint issues, but going offline has seemed to fix the problems with collectables and improve performance. tying campaign to a network was a mistake.

Thanks I’ll try offline with campaign mode. I wasnt aware the campaign was online. I don’t play much multiplayer so the thought never occurred to me. I play gears for the story and campaign. Which is really well done when it isnt bugging out.

Edit: cant play offline it gives me this error when loading into the campaign.

This is also the same error I get when trying to load a checkpoint after I fall through the map.

dam that sucks.

Just had a CTD experience in act 2 chapter 3. After fighting the warden it continued to save the game, after opening the garage door the game froze near the hazardous tanks and crashed.

Update; found a way to play offline by starting the act and chapter over. Offline is the only way to safely play campaign right now. Havent had an issue since going offline.