Series X - Versus Splitscreen - only 30fps

There was a lot of hype about “120fps mode” in Versus on Series X.

I received my Series X yesterday, downloaded the update and had to find out that 2 player splitscreen versus is still only 30 fps :frowning_face:, where single player is 4 times the framerate.

Me and my wife like to play together on the same console, but as our skills improved we can’ t play competitive games in 30fps any more. I was hoping that Series X get’s an improvement here over the One X.

I’m pretty sure that Series X would be capable of displaying splitscreen versus in 60fps, at least with reduced resolution.

Is it possible to offer this option in a future title update?

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I knew splitscreen 30 fps was only applicable to campaign both in the xbox one and xbox series X/S.

I didn’t know this was a problem with splitscreen versus mode too.

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I mean TC never officially announced 60fps splitscreen versus… but as they doubled the fps in single player versus to 120, I was hoping that they doubled splitscreen versus to 60 too.

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Given the specs of the machine, to my mind - 1080p 60fps split screen seems doable in versus.

you sir need to invest in a second setup! It’s better anyway. Yall can horde, and escape together, which is way more funner than that old versus mode anyway - each at the glorious framerate.

You’ll be fine.

I play on a crap xbox one & im managing.

Plan on getting the s soon.

We like playing on the same couch in the same room. As it’s a home cinema with a 130 inch screen and 5.2.4 Atmos sound there is really enough screen space for 2 players :laughing:

Also my wife would need her own Xbox Live Gold membership as well as a separate Gears 5 license if we play on 2 Xboxes. :money_with_wings: Oh, and of course 2 Xboxes and 2 TVs :wink:

Yikes that is a let down.

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Thats a no partner. You truly need a second setup. The 60fps is worth it.

Get a Series S, along with a 1080p Walmart Tv, and yall can gameshare!

Phil Got you Covered.

Gears 5 is the only game with this problem. Gears UE, 4, and the 360 titles all support 60 FPS split screen. It’s worth mentioning that all of those games are not Series enhanced. They’re FPS boosted.