Series X crashing during Horde

Every time I play Gears 5 on Series X and get about 5 waves into Horde the system crashes and shuts down. I bought this console to play Gears 5, what is happening? I played through Halo Infinite and Forza 5 without issue

People have said on here (those people want to chime in?) on another thread it indicates a problem with the console itself. It doesn’t matter that it’s just this game, I’ve heard people say “but it doesn’t happen on…” it’s still the console regardless. That’s from Microsoft, so I’d contact them and get it replaced. It has been a fairly widely reported issue as I’ve seen it on Reddit as well.

The guy on Reddit got angry at me for mentioning this, but I’m just repeating what I’ve seen Microsoft say and members of the forum repeat what they were told by the company. So I have no personal experience, just that’s what I’ve read.


There are a few threads about this. Here’s one:

Resist replying! Come on, be strong!

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That’s a mistery. Some people resolved with a console replacement, others had problems with the “new” console too.

The fact is that is being constantly reported and affects only Coalition games optimized for Series X, meaning Gears 5 and Tactics.

Other titles had problems with shutdowns but it was a bug in the game or in the system OS and already patched.

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Hardware problems patched by limiting the software. Quite easy to do I would imagine.

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Very few have had an issue with a replacement console, but not zero. This is expected if the issue is on the console end.

If a certain percentage of consoles arent up to spec, then it would make sense that all else being equal, a similar number of replacements would also have the same problem.

Example: Imagine 100 Units of a console are sold with a 10% failure rate if they are pushed beyond a certain point. We would expect 90 users to not have the issue and 10 users to have the issue. If all 10 users sent their console off for a replacement, 9 of those users will get a console without issue, but 1 will get another console with the issue.

Without the full picture it would be reasonable for that 1 person out of the 100 that got 2 bad consoles in a row to assume the problem must be on the software side despite that not actually being the case.

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Could have something wrong with the software since other games work without issues.

I know for a fact that Gears 5 has a bug with VRR in Series X. In one of my tvs work properly, in the other frames drop after a few minutes. On One X the VRR works normally in the same TV.

But then why would almost all of the replacement consoles not have any issue?

If the shutdown is triggered by a specific software issue in a specific mode and therefore only causing the shutdown issue to occur you would expect a user with a replacement to still trigger this as they would be playing the same modes. Both Kaz and Ultra on this forum were having constant shutdowns while playing horde and escape and after getting a replacement stopped having the issue entirely.

People have had this issue that don’t mention gears at all:

“only game that has any issues is borderlands 3”
"I’ve had the series x for less than a week and it keeps shutting down by itself, most of the time while in the dashboard. "

“So I’ve had my Xbox since January and everything seems fine with it except the fact that when I play Rainbow Six Siege or MLB The Show 21 it always ends up turning off by itself and its only for those games every ither game is completely fine”

“I bought my console June 2021, it keeps shutting off randomly from the main menu, fifa22 menu, during playing fifa”

“My Xbox Series X is in a well ventilated spot on hardwood, not on carpet, but when I play Call of Duty Black Ops it keeps freezing for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then it completely shuts off entirely.”

I am not suggesting Gears 5 doesn’t have any bugs. What I am saying is that if the shutdown was software-related, then we would see most, if not all, users with replacement consoles to experience the shutdown issues still, which isn’t occurring.

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Lots of games seem to be reporting the system shutdown now.

I’m personally curious if it’s mostly solved with a return or not. I didn’t experience it until several months of ownership had passed. Does time make a difference? Is heat making something move or just over time the overheating protection sending an errant signal? Is it a corruption that develops as time passes?

I disabled hdr and brought the display down to 1080 as suggested in one forum. Went a while without a shutdown, but had one the other night.

I’d like to see someone tear a console apart and see what’s different on a replacement console. Sooner or later that will happen if indeed something is changed. For now, I’ll just play until I get close to warranty expiration or feel Microsoft has it sorted.

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In my case I checked my list of games played on Series X. I run 83 games, 80 worked properly.

FH 5 and CoD Vanguard crashed but it was bug in the games, don’t happen anymore.

Gears 5 is the only game I have that not only crash but actually shutdown the console and is very random, sometimes happens with 10-15 min, other times I play 3-4 hours before a crash.

I’m convinced there’s something wrong with this game, but I will keep playing games and checking how my console works, my warranty expires only in the end of year.

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With Gears 5 my console shut down on the first day, so nothing to do with passage of time.
But could exist other problem that manifest over time.

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It definitely seems to be the case. Just in case anyone is interested I didn’t cherrypick for other games either.

Literally looked one after another and posted the results.

All good questions, I wonder if we will see something like the RROD scale issue with the console over time

It wouldn’t surprise me if a tech savvy consumer or tech youtuber finds out the issue before microsoft does.

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I think so, especially if it’s hardware related and when it gets pushed. Lets face it this console has been out 18 months and we are still waiting for ‘proper’ next gen titles! At least everyone will be out of warranty if it’s hardware being pushed!

Look how many years it was before they admitted the RROD issue.

I have a series X that I play everything apart from Gears on. My trusty Xbox one I just have Gears installed. When I can be bothered I will send the series X back and see what happens. I’m 2 for 2 on failures from day one, see how my luck is.

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Been following these issues for awhile. Luckily no problems here, but I’ve seen the exact case mentioned everywhere else. It always comes down to the console tho, as most that get the replacement do not have the problem after. I’d try reinstalling and or downloading your gamer tag back onto the console and resyncing everything, clearing cache ect. If that doesn’t work, tell Microsoft and they’ll issue the return.

The only issue I had with the series X is the marketplace was bugged in the beginning and would actually immediately turn the console off with no warning. They released an update tho and it was fixed completely.


Matrix Awakens demo is a truly next gen that certainly is pushing the hardware, so it’s serves to test if the console is getting problems with very demanding software.