Series X bad FPS/stutter?

Played gears 5 since release on an og Xbox and a one X with no issues what so ever, got a series X on launch and my game is getting strange FPS drops/slow jittery movement at certain times in the game it’s quite bad and noticeable when a lot of people are in the same area or first in free for all I have no clue how I’m dropping frames when I’m only playing on 4k60 not 120. I’ve tried 1080p and I still get the same thing, it will drop FPS for a few seconds then go straight back to 60 mid gunfights, played multiple other games BL3, Valhalla and Cold War all smooth no issues. Anyone else had this?

I haven’t experienced any performance issues on the Series X so far. My usual settings are 1080p, 120hz and 120 FPS for Vs.

My Xbox One S though… bad performance all around, especially during Horde.

I don’t know what they’ve done but since the operation 5 update the game doesn’t feel right for me on series x it’s not as responsive and bullet Registration is horrible. What ever they done it feels like the series x has been nurfed

I’ve noticed the same thing, everything was fine till I switched to the SX and now I get constant drops or stutters. It’s really bad when I get in a heated moment and usually doesn’t go back to normal until I’m either dead or not fighting anyone. I hope they know it’s happening and it gets resolved because I want to have smooth gameplay again.

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i think i have the same issue as you and its related to vrr/freesync, you mean the game becomes rly laggy and jittery untill you die? then its fine then it comes back a min later til u die etc…
i have this too i turned off vrr and freesync and now its smooth…

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Mine Xbox Series X has been doing this all the time in horde! Dont understand why! wasn’t this game optimized?

I’m at 4K 120 fps variable refresh rate enabled. No stutter in either mode. Smooth as butter and extremely responsive. Feels amazing.

Good, but for us it ain’t!

Yeah this console is very strange. I’ve seen tons of problems posted. Also had my console completely shut down itself navigating the Xbox store.

Only happened once tho.

There is intermittent stuttering on Series X with VRR enabled and Samsung TV. This doesn’t happen in any other game because I always have VRR on, Only Gears 5 has stutters. I don’t think dev team tested this on FreeSync capable displays.

I have the benq el2870u and I’m pretty sure it has freesync but idk if I can turn any of it off. Any help to make it work smoothly?

Okay so I read that turning off the “variable refresh rate” in the video and audio settings it helps. Played 3 games and it seems to do the job.

ah so you have the same problem as me? what console do u have? and still not fixed eh? vrr

I’m on the series x, but Turing off that variable refresh rate in the settings has helped. Idk the downside to it yet though. Not a permanent fix I’m sure, but it’s definitely a work around for now till it’s fixed.

Same. Freesync worked fine on Xbox One VCR but is stuttery poo on Series S into the same LG 24ML44B monitor.