Series X 1440p 120Hz Monitor

What’s up guys? I’ve tried using the search function but haven’t found the answer, so I thought I’d make a thread and see what the more tech savvy folks think.

I’m looking for a monitor. I’ve tried doing my homework over the last month and every time I think it’s getting narrowed down, I find some new tidbit that makes the monitor selected seem insufficient or otherwise unable to deliver what I’m looking for.

What I’m looking for:

27" (no larger)
1440p (2K)
120 Hz minimum
1 ms response time
IPS Display
Freesync (premium?)

Educate me if I am wrong - but I believe that the 120 Hz needs to be deliverable through the HDMI 2.0 cable and that freesync needs to have the range for 120 as well (hence the reason the LG 27GL850 is unfortunately not going to work).

Do you guys have any recommendations for monitors that will actually work for the series x fitting these parameters? (or if I am seriously misinformed with regards to the parameters, please don’t hesitate to educate me as well).

I’d like to know what options are available and not make any misinformed mistakes come black friday/cyber monday. I know I’m not the only one looking into this so I’m sure whatever you guys put out there will be useful to other people in this position.


The LG 27GN850 is one of the best options since it’s Nano IPS.

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