Series s and series x

Hi guys is there any difference in terms of pvp gameplay between these two console I know both can run at 120fps with a 120hz+ monitor however is there anything else the series x has in which will make gameplay smoother than the series s? I know the x has 16gb ram and the s 10gb… Would this make any difference also I’m not interested in the 4k difference

4k 120 fps vs 1080p 120fps … easy pick

I think my S is running at 1440p at 60hz

Tbf looks and plays fantastic

Series X is obviously better but you need the TV to make it shine

1080p respond faster that’s why pro player will use that though so for me x is not worth it

Resurrecting this since I can’t find any info on it.

Anyone know if the series S has the same reduced input delay as the series X? They share the same cpu but I don’t know if that equals same latency.

Since it’s impossible to find a series X figured I may settle if the input delay is around the same. Don’t care about resolution.

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I have the same question lol

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Good! This topic will finally get some traffic now that you’ve arrived.

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Is the base xbox one 60 frames then?

Yes for multiplayer

Is the campaign even less frames?

He is quite the celeb.

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Yeah go with a PC

Series S and X if only there was a series E

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30 on xbox one,