Series 4 Content Drop

Does anyone have any information to state whether there will be a Series 4, new characters, weapon skins, etc? Since the 3rd Series was pretty much just all exclusive skins made available for everyone does that mean we can expect Series 4 with new characters we haven’t seen yet? I’m also wondering when a new Series of content would release.

#1 - we haven’t had even a series 1 of new content in Gears 4.
#2 - i’m not certain, but when they put out all the exclusive skins into Skin Series 3, that seemed like a signal that they were finished

They can’t be finished, there’s still characters that aren’t associated to a series, I am assuming TC want to categorize the skins in different series until every single one is craftable.

We have three series: Launch Series, Series 2 and Series 3. Please investigate.


I’ve investigated and there’s no new content. Just skins.

Yep, everything released in the series craftables was just a gumbo pot of previous packs. Nothing exclusive/ new ever dropped when they were made craftable.

I’m fairly certain that June signaled the end of anything new coming out. The achievements planned for Sept. are really just to extend the life of the game as far as I can tell. I’m sure they will still tweak the game, but as for any type of skin creation in a big drop, you’ll have to wait until G5.

Agreed, pretty sure Griffin was the last major addition to the game. I heard rumors a while back about level 7 skill cards but I knew that wouldn’t happen.

how do you know about season 3, but not know it will continue and there is no S4?