Series 3 struggles

Waits until the latest What’s Up for Series 3 info
“Stay tuned next week for Series 3 info!”

All around me are familiar faces…


I feel the pain man, I am waiting for a month now :rofl:


“We’ll be revealing the date of the Series 3 drop next week.”

This isn’t even funny anymore.

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First week was a slap with the right hand. Second week a slap with the left hand. Third week double slap. Next week kick to the balls :joy: that’s how you treat customers


We finally get information, and we didn’t have to wait until Thursday. We get almost every pack character in Series 3. Pretty hype.

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Of which they are craftable, nonetheless.

Now this is the part where a few folks get mad that they spent money on packs only for the skins to be available for free.

I’m not one of them. I only bought 2 characters with real money. One of them being the Savage Theron. If anything, I kinda brought this on myself, lol.

It was worth the wait