Series 3 non craftable list

Thank god. I got worried

All of the previous content will be added into the game… Except the huge list above… I think your getting confused… Those items/skins/characters will not be made craft able.

Edit: A little bummed I can’t complete my MO, HB and Flaming sets, but it is what it is. At least I’ll be able to complete some of my other sets, and I’ll be able to craft some of the ones I wasn’t around for.


Keyword bud “Exceptions”

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I fee stupid. Thank god. I got worried for a second

No worries, it’s confusing at a quick glance.

I read expectations at first glance lol

A good example :wink:

In the past, TC has stated they the Omens, Heartbeats, and Flaming skins would be craftable. Makes me think they still have some events yet to come.

I think because they seem to be rotating special playlists they’re going to continue tying challenges to them to earn those skins.

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I don’t think they have more events for those coming, but it’s possible. TC literally just had an event for those a month ago. What Octus did say during the last Dev Stream was that the Flaming and Midnight Omen skins would become craftable at some point after the release of Gears 5 so there wouldn’t be any achievements in Gears 4 that would be unobtainable.

But remember, there’s no timeline on that. TC may not make the Flaming or Midnight Omen skins craftable for years after the release of Gears 5. Octus just said at some point after the release of Gears 5 those skins would be craftable.