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SERIES 3 DROP glitch


(INova Serginho) #1

Hi, Gears Community.

I created this post to report a technical issue regarding my inventory after you released the last of the Series 3 batch drop containing hundreds of past skins and characters as of today.

Although the drop is fantastic in appearance, I’m noticing that several weapon’s skins are missing from my inventory. This is very painful since I had these items prior to the launch of the last Series 3 drop and some of them are not easy to create.

The items I recognize thus far as missing are listed below:

-Boltok (URI’s Vanguard, Onyx & Gold, and Gingerbread).
-Boomshot (Overcharge and Papergift).
-Dropshot (Static and Oscar’s tattoos).
-Embar (Gingerbread).
-Overkill (Gingerbread).
-Retrolancer (Gingerbread).

I believe these items are not the only ones missing, but I can’t recall them all.

I hope for an answer.

Thank you.