Serial Kick Out Horde Hosts

Don’t host if you’re going to pause all the time or kick anyone out who wants to play just so you can xp up. Private host or campaign. Get off the public servers. I’m playing with 16+ classes joining 1 or 2 player advanced public games just to get kicked as soon as I’m in.

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I kick if the player is inadequate, to low level per what I’m playing, or are being toxic, I feel most hosts play this way, sorry you entered some grumpy gramps lobby, you dont wanna deal with getting kicked you could always host your own game. Being you are an average lvl 16+ on your characters you wont even need to wait for full lobbies, on masters you and one other should be able to start and hold out for the first 10 waves while people file in, take control of your game, more power to the player :fist::fist:

“Anyone can join and have fun!” insta kick. That is the one that always gets me. Especially if they let you in for a wave, you get MVP ahead of a sentry spammer, then get das boot.


Level 18 only … and host is a level 8. Then kicks when you out score him :roll_eyes:


I don’t take chances anymore at this point. If I see the pause screen for more than 2 seconds I’m out. I will let you look for my name like a dummy when I left 10 seconds ago. I get why people kick. Maybe someone is toxic or has a specific set of rules. Cool. Maybe there are classes that you don’t want. Cool. But when you let me set in for an ample amount of waves and I’m killing everything why should it matter. And in some lobbies I cant even play around with the emotes. I could be playing awesomingly well but when I do a certain emote and I see that pause screen come up I’m like a whisper in the wind leaving before they can even hit the button to kick. Some people just have no sense of humor or “fun”. I’ve played with crazy high reup and skilled players before and I swear they’re like the coolest players ever and will even joke around with you as long as you handle your business. Thats how it should be. Not kicking for a simple emote that isnt even spammed.