Seraninja unobtainable (Jack's skills issue)

There seems to be an issue with Jack’s abilities that make the Seraninja achievement unobtainable. When you upgrade check in campaign it displays the upgrades in the menu correctly (white instead of gray for bought upgrades). But their effect is not active when playing.

After buying the upgrades for Jack’s cloak ability you still don’t get the time extension for Cloak after executing an enemy. So even if you have three enemies in a row you can’t execute more than two before decloaking. Unfortunately you need three for the achievement.

I’ve watched many videos on YouTube how it should work and the time extension is clearly visible. So I’m 100% sure it’s not applied anymore. Also tried this with friends changing host, who plays Jack, … No one gets the effects of the upgrade anymore.

Is this a known issue @TC_GEARS? Will there be fix? Does anybody else know a workaround? Could it work buying Gears 5 on disc and playing it without getting online as it seemed to work when the game was released? Or is it impossible to play the game without Day 1 patch?

Game only works with an internet connection. I play with a disc in the drive but the game will not launch at all without a connection.

Thx. So that’s neither a solution. Hope @TC_GEARS takes care of this.

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I dont think there is currently anyone from tc reading the forums nor doing any form of support for gears5 at this point so I doubt it.

This is so sad. Will be the first ever Gears I’ll not get to 100% just because of such an annoying bug. :roll_eyes: