Seraching for ranked

I dont mind if i play team death match, guardian or escalation.
For ppl like me it should be a “I JUST WANNA PLAY RANKED-button” so i could search for all games types and just get into games fast.

Why not?

It’s a good idea now that there aren’t many players playing, but if I have to implement it, the rage quitters will be more suspended time.

Imagine every mode was ranked. Imagine players like every mode but they prefer TDM, Dodgeball or KotH (for this example). And matchmaking found Guardian. Some players will leave because they aren’t in the mood for Guardian or for whatever reason.

Or at least a toggle option, or a checkbox one:

Games with rings
Games with limited/unlimited lives
Use of Gnashers (or just a checkbox about if you want to search for 2vs2)

Something like that

Ranked Versus with A.I.!? :thinking:

Yeah I wanted a game of guardian earlier on ranked but the matchmaking went on for ages…

So long as I and others can still choose what mode they want to play then I think that’s 100% fine.

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I like being able to pick a specific mode, but I don’t see anything wrong with a “I just wanna play ranked” button added in.