Sera space tech?

The hammer of dawn is the biggest space weapon the cog has but in sera history of space use is there anything about seraians traveling into space themselfs?It seems odd that if sera can launch stuff into space then why haven’t they sent a someone instead of just somethings?

Act 3 of the campaign touches on some of this, but so as not to spoil anything that’s all I will say.

We had satellites before we sent people into space soo there’s that.

It’s ok i know about that mission,i haven’t gotten all the way in campain yet but i’m aware of the HOD mission,but i was asking if a seraian people had ever gone into space yet.

It’s heavily implied that the country Vasgar had a space program where they were preparing to, if not had already sent people to the Seran moons. I’d have to go back through and read some of the collectible entries to be certain.

I just am asking because you would think if things were bad enough on sera,then some people might consider leaving the planet if there space program was advanced enough to do so.