September Achievements

Just had a search of the forums and can’t find any clue to this (apart from September) when will the new list be fully confirmed and launch?

All of the other achievement addons launched at the start of each month around the 5th-6th.
Is that a clue it might actually be the start of October (and be part of some sort of 2-year anniversary celebration) due to having to confirm/test some of them out?

Hopefully, I’ll get a shock and it’s tomorrow :slight_smile:

Just have to wait and see. In TC’s hands.

They did release a provisional partial list a few weeks back, but they were still in the process of doing some play testing so this wasn’t finalised. Reading between the lines, some of them will almost certainly get the go ahead as they’re easy enough to program. However some of the more creative ones had to be tested. I vaguely recall one of these being to use the incinerator on Forge or Forge Blitz to kill a boss in Horde mode and I suspect this had to be tested extensively compare to say, perform every execution in Versus.

Supposedly they should be out this month but like what Pepper said, they will need to test some of them and possibly scrap some that won’t work. Honestly, if they come out in October, I wouldn’t be surprised

can we get an achievement for starting the game? you know like a lot of games like to give you a trophy for just doing the first 5 minutes of the game really makes me feel great about pressing start

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