Sept. 19th Update Broke the Game

Updated the game today and have tried several different ways to start the game but it never leaves this screen


Getting into the game isn’t much better since the update, had issues of warping enemies. Trying killing an enemy you’re melee and can’t execute only to find out that he’s safely behind you, you were punching air and when he warps back he one shots you. Only has been happening since the update so I doubt my connection tanked and it’s just lag that I’ve started experience since nothing else has changed.

I feel with every update/patch, TC creates a new problem. I really do believe this is one of the worst launches in gaming history.

I wouldn’t go that far. Mass Effect Andromeda, any Ubisoft Game seriously take your pick it’s awful and a friend of mine lost their save data 3 times already in Borderlands 3 to issues there. Division 2 was far worse for me personally than the issues I’ve had with Gears though I did just beat a 1-50 Insane run and got no character exp or skill cards so if nothing comes from the ticket I sent I’ll be pretty irked about that.

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Well yeah there are others. As I said, it’s one of the worst. I never actually had a problem with Division 2 tbh and I haven’t dove into BL3 yet like I wanted too so I haven’t encountered any problems…yet.