Separate Weapon Tunings Ruined Gears 4 and we all know it. Hope for Gears 5

Pretty much every person I have spoken with regarding this very real and obvious issue completely agrees that having 2 different versions of the same PvP game was and still is a terrible idea. Core/Competitive has successfully divided the already small Gears Of War community we have players that won’t even touch Core and those of us that do only do so because it has fan favorite Ranked game modes like TeamDeathmatch and King Of The Hill. Even now Core is still very imbalanced and a frustrating experience for many I mean it took our beloved game devs an entire year to realize just how over powered having the Hammerburst as a loadout weapon really is. Is this what Gears Of War has come to? indecisive decisions and catering to casuals that won’t even be playing the game 3 months after release? The Coalition I’m begging you please do not make the same mistakes when creating Gears 5 I’m pretty disappointed Gears 4 did not live up to its full potential the Gears community needs to remain together and solid not divided between 2 different games.


The people that defend it dont even use both so i never understand why they say they want to have 2 again. Just take the good from both or go back to Gears 3 style.

It took Epic years to get it working yet TC think they can make two and keep eveyone happy? It only splits the community but you’ll here people say “well they wont ever please everyone” that doesnt mean they should make it even harder and making more than one tuning locked behind certain modes.

There should only be Social for 1-2 players that includes all modes and ranked which include specific mode to choose from, both having the same weapon tuning.

That way noobs can practice against non squad players and learn the gun whilst “good” players can get themselves ranked in specific modes and have the ability party up.

Just please fix the ranking system and take into account whether teams are squading up, try even partner 5 man teams vs 5 mans teams.


I say get rid of ranked and social and just have one core playlist. No need to separate noobs into social, and no need to pretend leaderboards ever meant anything.

I just play for fun. True story.

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I wish that these game developers would actually play their game. If TC actually played their game, they would have known about all the problems with their game and maybe would actually do something about it.



I discussed this before. Many agree. 1 universal tuning is needed

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Expect it to get even worse for Gears 5.

Probably will have a different tuning for every playlist.