Separate slot for victory (MVP) stance

So from what I understand, as of now, if you get MVP during the match your up-arrow emotion will be used as your victory pose. So most of the time you hear something like “Hey” or “Seize that weapon” post-match, which is not that aesthetic.
I suggest having a separate slot for MVP victory pose, because:
a) It takes up an important slot for “useful” emotions, or radio commands, such as in my current set-up:
Up for Take the objective
Right for Flank them
Down for Fall back
Left for Take that weapon or sometimes thanks
B) I don’t think anybody uses military salute or “hype” in the heat of battle, hence I render them useless, as though they’re funny and comical, do not fit the gameplay. I am not saying they should be refrained from being used as emotions, but just that I think a lot of people share my opinion. They could be perhaps used between horde waves, although not more than that.

That being said, I hope the Coalition will consider adding a separate slot for victory poses.
P.S. I hope I hadn’t missed one, because otherwise I would be really embarrassed due to my sloppiness., but I don’t think there is one, because I’ve checked it twice.

P.S.S. I hope it isn’t bad advertisement, but check out my another topic and consider upvoting it!

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How about we focus on actually fixing the game (combat/movement, bugs) instead of wasting time writing about this useless stuff that definitely won’t be looked at for a while lol

Well, thanks for your concern and I must say, that unlike server stability issues, wrong rankings (which are always lower than you expect), flash bang skirmishes, weapon tuning and many other, I think my problem has rather a simple solution.
I mean, you’re trying to find a way to colonize Mars and solve world overpopulation and I’m like trying to hang a shelf in my garage and asking my neighbor TC for a hammer. Amm, sorry, I’m not good at like funny stories. Whatever…