Sentries VS Guardians discussion

What effect does Shock and MG sentries have on Guardians?

It seems to have zero effect on them on Master even when the sentries are at level 4. I had 5 level 4 MG and 4 level 4 Shock and a Guardian appeared and I didn’t think it made any difference. I saw all sentries firing at it.

Yes, I know about using the Cyro on them but sometime it’s not possible because you can get downed quickly but lets stick to the sentry discussion.

I find MG Sentries are not great at stopping Guardians(or Sentinels) from charging straight into the middle of the base in Gears 5 due to them having lower damage than they did in Gears 4 where they at least sometimes managed to short one’s shield out and rip it to pieces on Inconceivable or Insane. The only time I recall the Sentries taking a flyer down is if it didn’t charge right into the base or when a Sentinel on Master just sat there getting pummeled by Sentries after having turned to them but not moving out of their firing range nor shooting at them(was it contemplating whether shooting automated turrets was robot genocide?).

As for Shock Sentries, they sometimes stagger them for a second, but it doesn’t seem to affect them much to get hit by one otherwise so I’m 50/50 on them as an anti-flyer tool.

As a side note, Shock grenades can also take their shield down instantly if they’re caught in the initial radius when it goes off. Not that I see many people do it now because of TCs ridiculous absence of grenades and “new and not so improved” mechanic where they disappear when used up instead of remaining in your ‘inventory’ so you can’t get more with another ammo box. Flashes can also stun them. So this might help deal with them too, not that it is the point of this subject.

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What map were you on, Dmbledore?
The only time I’ve seen a sentry do any kind of damage is up in the middle room of Forge, when it’s placed at the same height the Guardians/Sentinels fly at.
When fired from ground level/below the flight path, they appear to be entirely ineffective and a complete waste of time against fliers.

That might explain it.

I was on Bunker.

When I play Forge, I do have at about 8 MGs in the middle room

I actually think Sentires are terrible against Guardians because once the sentry does damage the guardian will often move, so its becomes much harder to land shots against them. That being said depending on how spread out your defense is you may have to put sentries in certain spots as a fallback option.

I normally have sentries at the edges of our base in a circle.

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There are multiple better ways to stop Guardians than Sentries:

  • Jack Zapper
  • Cryo Canon
  • Flash them then slip down the shield as Kait with the overkill

Whats the odds of this, because this is my exact method all the time.

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While the Overkill isn’t a bad weapon for this task I wouldn’t underestimate the damage a few well placed Gnasher shots where the majority or all of the pellets hit at close or point blank range can do now that Laceration calculates bleed damage off of individual pellets.

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Where exactly do you throw this flash and what’s the effect?

Sentries are slower in tracking targets and the arc in which it can aim upwards seems reduced compared to sentries in GOW4. I find they do tend to work, but not really as a true defence against Sentinels and Guardians - they tend to be support - purely to hit them and prevent them from regenerating health.

Sentinels and Guardian’s AI seems greatly improved as well, so they fly straight in very aggressively and move toward blindspots, and because the sentries’ target tracking is weaker they often can’t keep up with moving targets. They also seem to wait for opportunities to attack, so sometimes will just linger around on the outskirts of your base. I think this is why they seem much more potent than previously.

I strongly advise that someone on the team is assigned to Cryo-Cannon duty. The freeze effects mean that enemies take more damage, and with fliers in particular you slow their movement and can even stop them dead in the air. Alternative use Clayton and his Concussive Explosions card.

You have to judge we’re the sentries movements are going, and you have to make sure you’re as close as possible (at least right outside of the flashbang range). Once you can judge that pattern, throw the flashbang right below it; rush down behind it and release as many overkill rounds as possible. The drain will kill it.

You also have to realize that you’ll have enemies still targeting you while all this is going on, and this window is very close to do.

It’s effect is like Clayton stun ability to it.

I play as Engineer quite a bit and I always have a full locker of Cryo and take that task. Like @SeeLogisticz said, enemies are targeting you so it can be a challenge. I’m usually in hiding until they get in range to freeze them. Attempts to be bold will allow them to down you and situations like that can get crazy with being down a lot and Jack reviving constantly and trying to keep an eye on other teammates. Even worse is when two Guardians infiltrate the base.

Here is a video on using flash bangs on flyers as Kait, I hope it helps.

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@AmicableWall421 @SeeLogisticz

Yes, and I’d prefer to do Kait’s Speed perk first up to the highest levels in order to reach Guardian ASAP, so it could be more effective.

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Yep, that’s definitely it.

To counter this is to simply cloak and meatshield all the bothersome enemies surrounding the guardian, then get right behind it and overkill away.

That’s another thing I do. We definitely have similar playstyles with her.

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