Sentinels in Escape

Are the most ridiculous BS pulling enemy in this entire mode(probably). Their Salvos do a ridiculous amount of damage to the point of two shot killing a Silverback(yes) and they are sponging even a Tactician hard, once you get through the also equally spongy shield I most often only see taken down by a damage boosted Claw, explosives or heavy weapons. They also often spawn in rooms where it’s a royal pain in the backside to kill them because they either don’t provide enough protection from them or you constantly have walls too close to cover pieces that could stop them from insta downing everything in one shot and then killing it immediately because it’s still firing at the ground or where you are with its Salvos.

Why am I making this thread? Because I spent nearly two whole ■■■■■■■ hours trying to do the second act in Malfunction where we didn’t fail repeatedly because of lack of player skill but the Sentinels pulling constant BS or if we did beat them then we almost always lost a player to the freezing Enforcer ■■■■■■■■ that is sniping you at ranges where our Enforcer would be 99% useless that then also resulted in yet another restart hoping that the Sentinels wouldn’t BS us to death yet again, or they would start shooting and insta kill where you couldn’t hit them back from before you had a chance to react and find somewhere the bots don’t aimbot cheat through cover pieces - I have seen them do that while no latency was involved, straight up shooting through a solid cover not even exposing anything - until one attempt where the AI finally didn’t pull some stupid garbage to make us fail and big surprise, we beat it smoothly. At least we had the gold time or I would have felt the need to throw something.

TL;DR Sentinels in Escape either need to be straight up gone or toned down in their damage a lot. I’d much rather even fight the Tri-Shot Guardians in their place and that says something.


Some of your [censored] language is shocking! Careful otherwise Ghost will intervene! :wink:


I ain’t as bad as @SPARGELKOHL who just tries to stress out the profanity filter for the hell of it. At least I have a reason to be annoyed at Sentinels.


Hopefully they add a class with a portable SAM turret ultimate, give those salvo donged floaters a piece of their own medicine.

They’re just going to blow it to pieces immediately, I’m afraid. I tried using the DR-1 for that purpose and 90% of the time it just ate a few Salvos and barely managed to take the shield of one Sentinel down before dying, so I ended up not bothering to use it against them.

If we had the One Shot as a weapon I would just straight up fire at their shield with it and watch as they get obliterated completely like the Boomers who though they were safe behind their puny Boomshields when I had it.



I don’t do it for fun. I do it because that’s the way I talk ■■■■■■!

Love you Wall :heart:

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I blame Ghost and Pizdets. Now don’t throw the topic off what I want it for.


My soccer coach used to ask if I had Tourette’s.

Take that as you wish lol

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It’s the stupid idiots using melee classes but taking the ammo, and pushing forward into the enforcers for no reason other than pride because they don’t want to look like they’re being carried. Marksman can run this hive so long as the other two are on the same page and/or using good classes for the hive and supporting him.


Tbf, we were Marksman, Tactician(after my friend playing execution Nomad and then trying Pilot left and got replaced while I wasn’t bothered to kick the 3rd guy nor start over yet again), and Robotics Expert(me). They weren’t bad players but the game was just royally screwing us over when we didn’t really commit any mistakes.

LOL, malfunction is pretty easy just keep practicing :).

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Did you save your x-ray until the sentinels appeared, pull back, take out all the deebees, then the sentinels? That part was pretty easy. It was the idiots that ran forward towards the LZ after that and got frozen by the like three deebees that appear then, leaving me to deal with everything that came after that wave. I fell just short when I couldn’t finish off the final two enemies who made it past the door as I was low on ammo by that point and venom was pushing. Didn’t matter that much because I already mastered it before that, but by that point I was already frustrated trying to help these fools, so I left.

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Except I had beaten that hive easily several times prior but the Sentinels were being ridiculous that run. And yes, I would say I know Escape fairly well when I managed to master The Split on the first run we did on Master difficulty for that hive when it was out in Op 4. It wasn’t a question of player competence, even if you’d probably like to believe that more.

I wasn’t the Marksman then, but the Robotics Expert player, and they seemed to use their X-Ray for the Bastion shielding the Stump instead and then wipe a few of the other DBs around it out. That wasn’t even the main issue but that the game literally made both the DR-1 Devastators with the Bastions that kept flying around to not shoot them while they were not getting hit by anything and the Sentinels spawn in at the same time. We eventually ended up with a strategy of falling back further to have a better spot for fighting the Sentinels off where the Bastions also wouldn’t keep buzzing around behind walls where they couldn’t be shot nearly as much, if I didn’t manage to pick them off first, then fighting forward slowly to not run into any of the dumb freezing Enforcers that would move up when we were busy cleaning up the flyers and other enemies that spawned with them.

And yes, I hate freezing bullets too.

Either way I just hate the bloody Sentinels more and find them not fun to fight in Escape at all. They’re literally just a cheap, spongy enemy with little hard counters to it. At least in Horde I can tank them with the Silverback if I’m playing Pilot.

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Sounds like a pretty big issue. If Marksman can clear the toughest fight in the hive with X-ray then why wouldn’t you use it then? Tactician or Pilot could’ve easily taken the Stump.

Yeah mostly this as the answer but he also should have avoided using robotics expert.

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Maybe they didn’t know it better but I wasn’t in the mood for trying to correct a behavior that may end up leading to the player quitting. And at that, they didn’t suck otherwise so they definitely were not a terrible, useless player.

Probably, but TC put that gold card reward there which is most useful on Robotics Expert to me at this time(seeing as I can’t take Jack into Escape). You bet I otherwise would’ve picked Marksman instead for this hive.

Assume you didn’t abuse the horde idle trick too much yet for coins?

Actually, no. Pretty much just earn my coins through doing Tour dailies and regular playtime.

I wouldn’t mind a robotics expert. He can actually make good use of the excess embar ammo and markza or overkill and also help with the extra deebees. I would’ve much preferred that over the Blademaster and Gunner without his freeze resist card who were both hungry for ammo for no reason.

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That does sound awful. Good thing I didn’t run into those or I’d have lost the will to bother with that hive for the day.

But outside of the Sentinels, Robotics can be useful with the precision bleed, which will finish off an Enforcer DB after an active EMBAR headshot. Not sure how good the Markza bleed is but it helps in taking the Stump down. The Sentinels were the main problem because of shield sponging. And that it comes back up far too quickly for how much ammo is wasted into it(unless a Salvo or GL is shot at it, Tri-Shot’s also more limitedly good).

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