Sensitivity settings for controller need to be increased

Sensitivity settings for controller needs to be increased. Its insanely slow at times and you can even take cover properly in combat because the screen isnt where you want it to be yet. I dont know how this and do many things for multiplayer didn’t get looked at. GOW4 was the perfect example to grow off of but they didn’t seem to care about the combat mechanics at all.

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Agreed. It would be nice to have base sensitivity that is as fast as fast panning laft/right with aim acceleration on max. I hate acceleration but you can’t really have it off if on controller. You can’t swing if someone flanks you.

I think you mean faster gameplay in general. Controls are fone. Just changes your settings and control scheme. I run classic alt 30, 30, 30, 10, 1 , 0

The issue you are experiencing isn’t with the sensitivity, no. It’s with the Aim Acceleration. It is hot trash.

Developers think that having aim acceleration helps us aim as we can have more precise movements, but it doesn’t.

If you max out the aim acceleration at 10, it’s still there. So, you’d think “Just bring it to 0, right? That should work.” Nope. If you bring it to 0, that 30 horizontal sensitivity feels like 10. This is why some people turn down the aim acceleration, though. They’ll bring it to 5 or 8, etc.

So in console players case, we have no alternative for aim acceleration except maybe an Elite Controller which has an analog setting called “Instant” that basically removes any aim acceleration there is. Other than that, rip.

I agree. They tried to eliminate the skill gap so everyone could be good and ruined th e game in th e process. This is the kitty pool version in the franchise.