Sensitivity recommendations

What sensitivity do you recommend for a classic Alt player like me? Please drop your full sensitivity settings I like to move fast or play for shots sometimes. If. Anyone can please give me a detailed explanation on how deadzones work please lemme know thank you :pray:t5::muscle:t5:

Deadzones are the (small) area of your right thumbstick where movement isn’t registered. This is to counter stick drift. If you have a good controller and want faster movement set inner:0 outer:10(it can be any combination, but for a faster net movement make sure outer>inner)By doing this you decrease the deadzone area thus giving you essentially a higher sensitivity.

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It’s like asking what size clothes to wear. The ones that fit YOU. Use the highest you can handle without missing your shots.

Deadzones; leave outer on default. For inner go with the lowest possible until your screen starts to ‘drift’ on its own.


The best sensitivity you can have is called a mouse and keyboard

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why would you have outer 10?(default is 0)
inner should definetely be as close to zero as possible without having your screen auto moving.

@Soniike I recommend using max sensitivity and 10 aim acceleration along with 0-3 inner deadzone and 0 outer deadzone if you play claw or torunament

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I recommend 25 and above sensitivity Max sens can be challenging to master aim acceleration preferably 8 or above unless you want players out running your hard-aims as for Deadzones I have noticed they can make a huge difference for better or worse choose wisely

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I play with 4 four paddles but I’ll deffo try this out when I get back!

Im used to max since Gears 3 and my aim is quite good.max aim accel to be able to compete against other mouse and keyboard players easily.

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Not everyone plays it on PC

@greatwhiteshark would agree with you😂

I use to play on max sensitivity and did well but it was difficult for me to hit the shots that mattered like a long distance lancer shot to support a teammate and in those situations even 3 lancer bullets can be the difference between winning or losing a round. Right now I’m using 27s

If you play claw it’s way easier to bounce and aim. I’ve played claw ever since I felt that putting one finger on A and another on thumbstick made it easier to bounce.

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I play thumbs and Tournament myself but I have been very interested in Claw because I’ve noticed almost every Pro player uses Claw the problem is I’m not even sure how to do it correctly maybe there’s a YouTube video explaining

there’s plenty of videos om youtube but I started playing claw without knowing what it was, just found out by testing myself

I’m watching a video right now and I immediately noticed moving the joystick feels a lot more steady and fluid with my finger on the A button. Also using A to strafe seems a lot more reliable than using the left button because those top buttons can be a little weak I’ve broken a few. I am now switching over to claw

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