Selling Triforce 1:1 Lancer Rifle

Selling my Triforce 1:1 Scale Gears of War 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

I’m not sure you can use these forums as a marketplace.

I didn’t see a place for it, but if they wish to remove it, I’m sure they will. I put it here because it’s the only community I can find where I could sell this. It’s not a popular IP like Overwatch that will sell quickly. This is a very niche market for collectors.

The new lancer is only 149 why would anyone pay 500 for a damaged older one?




Golly gee whizz Cowboy. That’s alot of money for the lancer. But I’m the guy who spent $100 on the Gears board game. So I won’t complain. And alot of people buy stuff like that. So good luck to ya.

Because the Triforce lancer is far superior and much more rare than the plastic pdp gears 4 lancer. $500 was a steal considering they retailed for $750+ shipping. Only 250 exist. They are hard to find and usually sell for $1000+ on ebay.

Try and talk with Rick from Pawn Stars.