Sell me on your favorite PvE class. I wanna try new ones

Yeah I’ve played Nomad frequently on Escape. Guess I should’ve listed separate classes.

For Escape I’m always Infiltrator, Anchor, Nomad, Protector or Brawler. Brawler’s kinda mindless fun, Infiltrator and Anchor are just my best, Protector is simply good and Nomad is a nice change of pace when I want to dictate flow of enemies. Definitely better for Escape than Horde, IMO.

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My PvP is Shi*, well maybe I’m too late playing in PvP.

I disagree.

Veteran shreds ketrols, snachers, and all mini bosses; it doesn’t do too much against a Matriarch with a GL but does very well against her from behind; Swarmak, ok, that thing has an insane amount of health, so fine, not great against a swarmak…

Trishot, longshot, or GL rockets recharge ult very quickly…

This is my favorive class, with Slugger…

So, you think veteran using more than 15 seconds on those weak-point bosses is AmaZing on bosses?

Hey. Keep the posts positive.


It’s positive when the fact a single veteran isn’t amazing on bosses. I’m just curious why it’s considered as “good on bosses” unless it’s the set of “Double headshot / Triple headshot” modifier, then I’ll consider it as amazing on bosses.

What about demolition, infiltrator those bosses killer can kill bosses within 5 seconds?

You can say you’re curious in better ways.

As for the answer: Not every class is a boss shredder. Activating an ultimate that guarantees every bullet shot by every person on the same cover as you hits the boss’s weakpoint is in fact good for bosses. Yeah, a Demo is objectively the best for bosses, but not every team needs a Demo, and the Veteran is still better than multiple other classes on airborne bosses.

Basically, it’s team-oriented and better than other options, while still not as good as classes specifically designed to ■■■■ up bosses.

I guess I need more than 15 seconds with teammates to kill Kestrel in basic horde frenzy when you know 15 seconds is quite a lot, but people still have their method to kill the bosses either it’s the last enemy or whatever.

I’d be intrigued if Jack didn’t bore the ■■■■ out of me. :rofl:

Like, I’m aware he can be a huge damage dealer and a great safe guard against wipes, but I dunno. Soon as I lack the ability to run around, take cover, emote and use weapons, I get bored. Having a Jack on the team is almost never a bad thing. I just don’t wanna be that Jack. I got him to lvl.20 yesterday and now I’m done with him.

Great video though.


For Horde? I have to say Brawler. Particularly an Ult-spam tackle build. Extremely underrated and can be pretty devastating. Only thing it can’t do as much against are bosses, and is extremely Ult reliant.

I’ll let this 3 minute vid do the talking:

After that, Nomad is another not-so-META favorite of mine for Horde. Lots of builds to choose from, CQC, Sniping, or anywhere in between even acting as a Support class with the Fear.

For me, a key to making an Execution Nomad build wreck in Horde involves using the Gnasher card and getting actives to deal with big enemies such as Scions.

My Sniper Nomad build makes use of the Fearsome Aura card, significantly extending the Fear Ult radius well into mid-range, and briefly stunning enemies as well as more easily getting the double damage passive to trigger on Feared enemies.


Flashback to Asylum earlier today


Hard to pick out a specific favorite as I play various classes but I suppose Gunner with the Torque Bow focused build could qualify as I’ve likely spent most of my playtime with it lately. Works for the majority of dailies regardless of modifiers, stuns anything that gets too close, still gets the ult back frequently. The only “downside” to it is that there’s no built in self healing, but the added mobility of not having a heavy weapon on you makes up for that.

Plus it’s far more useful against all bosses because it can stun them and put some damage on them through the Torque bleed no matter what, and even if a Swarmak stops taking damage it still gets stunned within the range of Concussive Explosives. One of my favorite things to do with it is to find a Matriarch and keep it stun locked while the Torque arrows get around its bulletproof skin. Or get a Kestrel’s aggro and watch as it obliterates itself. I only resort to the heavy weapon build if I’m really bored or the daily is the one with ultra power drain and super slow recharge, for the most part at least.

Normally would have said Blademaster but ever since TC started spamming Boomshot Scions in 80% of the waves I’ve been playing it a lot less in Frenzy.

Otherwise, I generally pick these or have picked them with some level of frequency :


Occasionally I dabble in Marksman or Nomad with a precision build rather than executions. Beyond that I hardly play anything else, other than very rarely an engineer for 50s.

Edit : I could make a whole other post for Escape but the whole thing would be with whats and ifs and whatnot due to different hives having different weapons, venom speeds, enemy combinations which make certain classes not viable or far harder to use and all that.

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Ult Spam tackles build seems a bit map dependent as you want enemies spawning more in clusters or more on one side of the map. I’ve tried it a few times - didn’t work as well with certain fab placements on some of the maps, but pretty good for like Alfathers and stuff.

My question is what exactly is survivability during Brawler ultimate? Am I immune to boomshots firing at me? Blademaster’s ult gives you the opportunity to be 100% immune to all damage.

Also the base duration of Brawler’s ult is ridiculously short and needs a buff. I’d find myself wasting too much time just to kill a Scion with not enough enemies nearby to keep the Train going - but that’s probably something you get with some experience with it.

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Brawler in my opinion most unique class in terms of they changed the animation plus such a beast especially before the nerfs

Horde Brawler

Good survivability (especially in ultimate)
Great damage
Can be used for crowd control
Satisfying to use
Can play a similar role to BM but is a bit more defensive and also is encouraged to use a Scorcher.

I run:

Perk Up:
Torch Tackle
Killing Time
Scorcher Mastery
Damage Dash

Combines good melee power, good bulk with a powerful, boss melting Scorcher that can be used for area denial. Be careful though as you can down or even kill yourself with it.

In Boss Rush, I use:

Perk Up
Glow And Slow
Play With Fire
Inner Fire
Scorcher Mastery

The Boss Rush build takes a more supportive role that can still do decent damage. You can slow down charging enemies to a halt and your Scorcher will wreck anything that comes too close. Not to mention you are pretty tanky so you can help revive if needed.

Brawler is pretty dead weight in Boss Rush IMO.

Good Support for Buss Rush but requires a good Tactician -
Gunner with Salvo. Heavy Capacity, Concussive Explosives, Bait Armor, Flash Freeze, Reflect Shredder.

You gotta get a locker for the Cryo but the flash freeze can be replaced by anything really. It’s most just for the bird when it pokes it’s head out but you don’t even need flash freeze to freeze it quick.

He can kill many of the bosses pretty well actually. Kestrels he cannot really do much but against Matriarch, Carrier, Wakaatu (to a degree) and Wardens, he can melt them.

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Very fun class veteran especially with the retro, drops some serious damage that.

This is basically my list. The extras I use are:
Heavy Weapon Gunner (I still use Tri-Shot)
Markza/Crit build Nomad if the role of Marksman is taken.
Veteran I play as if the daily modifiers benefit him.

I tried Torque bow Gunner and didn’t enjoy it.