Sell Gears of War to Sony

How does Classic-Alt gamepad remove input lag?

The default gamepad have input-lag that make harder peform wallbounce. That seems TC “Do not want wallbounce on gears 5” so switching to classic-alt. The game feels like GEARS 4 without input lag and super responsive

you will need as well remove v-sync, remove triple buffering etc

They had The Order:1886 :wink:

I love Sonys first-party games but if you’re hoping to get a better Gears MP out of this idea, no dice. Say what you will but the same philosophy that restricts MS from putting out good narrative games is the same that prevents Sony from having a solid, must-have AAA multiplayer experince.

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Ok interesting is that confirmed? And that only works on PC then right?

stop telling people this.

it introduces a worse issue when set up this way. it will occasionally not register firing at all when you pull the RT.

I’m searching for hours & finding no ranked matches, so Sony making a GoW game without pvp would be similar to my Gears 5 experience. Except as the OP said, the story wouldn’t be so childish & sh*t.

Gears 5 supposedly runs on 60hz servers.

Classic alt does have noticeably less input delay than default in gears 5. You can remap the buttons to where you play it like default. But that introduces other issues and after a few days I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Anyway they need to fix the input delay issue in this game. There’s just no reason for it.

Sorry this was way OT.

Giving this game Sony is unrealistic and unnecessary IMO

Just sell franchise to CD Projekt !

Problem solved.

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No way and an absurd idea. I’d hate Gears to get that Sony’s mainstream makeup.

Xbox games may lack some polish but they’re much more interesting.

Sony would do it justice. You’ll never convince die hard Xbox fans of that.

Even if Xbox falls out of the console space (more and more likely as the years go by and the sales go down), they’d more than likely transition into a software company like SEGA did, keeping their franchises in house.

Xbox and its exclusives have failed (in comparison to their competitors at least) mainly because it took so long for Xbox to pull their head out of their *** with the “games as a service” craze. They still haven’t really learned, with all the micro-transaction focused crap they put in their games.

Xbox has a lot of irons in the fire whereas their competitors are exclusively focused on making great games for their machines, and that lack of focus by Xbox has been on full display this gen. Unfortunately.


God of War won GotY over RDR2 simply because of Rockstar treating their employees badly. Not saying God of War is a bad game but you really think Gears is supposed to have that kind a tone? No that wouldn’t be right.

Wow. I loved gears 4 , the year it came out it felt like a proper action Romp. Gears 5 took it all a step further an was and is an even better gsne. So no thanks. Not sure what type of head injury you have but hope you feel better
Gears is exactly where it should be and I’m ready to see what they do with 6…

You might just want to skip it and just play on PlayStation. Nothing Ms does is going to make you happy probably :woman_shrugging:t5:

Being a Microsoft owned IP this simply will not happen.

I can understand your frustration with a lot of the isues that have happened since Gears 5 launched, but a better approach to balance and tone would be giving feedback saying what you want to see, and go into details with what mechanics you do and don’t like. TC can make changes based on this kind of feedback :slight_smile:

Cloisng thread as MS is not going to sell this to Sony.