Sell Gears of War to Sony

While I “loved” Xbox, not only was gears 4 and 5 a disappointment but this generation of xbox games/console was/is trash…the xbox one x is a good console but the games are always never completed.

Just sell the franchise to sony I can almost guarantee they’ll find a way to give Gears of War the respect it deserves recapturing that dark and gritty, blood and guts, that is Gears of War…not this childish bs that is “Gears 5”.

And not to say Gears 5 is a bad game…but it is a bad “Gears of War” game just because of the route they decided to take by catering to kids when this franchise is supposed to be mature.

TC has taken all the serious elements out of Gears and shoved it so far up our bungholes that we Gears vets have turned into squeakers with all the complaints of this game which are justifiable.

The only reason I like it on Xbox now is because of the controller which fits Gears properly, but if it comes down to staying true to the franchise Id rather it go into the right hands. (Epic games wouldn’t want it back).

Also the campaign was mediocre in terms of story, but I do like the new swarm enemies. Gears 2 is the best representation of this franchise in terms of tone. The mechanics of the games are a whole other story im just speaking on the mature tone of the games.

I will always love Gears Im a huge fan got a big ■■■ tattoo on my chest of the crimson omen skull back in 2011 before Gears 3 dropped so im serious when it comes to this franchise.


Sell it to Sony :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The fact that your phone only has 4% battery irritates me


I don’t think selling it to Sony is going to change anything.

And its a flagship title for Xbox. Selling the rights would require a lot of money. Money that probably would be absurd, given that it would be sold to a close competitor.


Honestly I would say both the One S and One X are great consoles, however, the lack of games and the non polished games are the fault of the devs in most cases.

As for Gears 5, I loved the story. I really don’t know what you mean that it’s no dark either. Tons of blood, guts, and dark throughout.

Also, I disagree about selling it to Sony. Imo they would screw the multiplayer up worse than it already is. Sony, imo, doesn’t really have any good exclusive shooters…at least online shooters.


Fun fact, Epic sold the franchise to Microsoft because development for gears 4 would have been about 100 million dollars to develop. That amount of money would gave bankrupted epic if it did not sell well. Epic then struck gold with fortnite and now every game seems to try and copy the same formula so epic probably would have no issue with this current state. Gears has changed and not for the best atleast multi-player wise. I did enjoy the campaign and will probably buy 6 because I’ve always liked the campaign enough to buy for that. Wish the multiplayer was better but it seems like TC does not care about it. Also Sony would probably follow the same steps because any multi-player game on the market right now has all these silly things added to the game in MP.


Nah, they hardly own any studios that know how to make a compelling competitive multiplayer game. The SP might see a significant boost in writing quality, but the MP is going to be legit poop.


Sell Gears to Sony so it can be a walking simulator where Marcus and JD spend 40 hours talking about their emotions, and multiplayer is non-existent.


I dont know, Marcus calling JD boy might be entertaining. Lol


No need to sell, just need a better studio . Tc has failed twice now.


God of War was a masterpiece.

The Last of Us was a masterpiece.

Spider-Man was a very fun game from beginning to end.

Uncharted was a great series.

Killzone was terrible

I will say Sony has talented studios that put out amazing stories. Spider-Man and God of War played as well as their story was great. Naughty Dog, creators of LoU and Uncharted, told an amazing story but very average game play. The key here is that once you’re done it’s over because there is no worthwhile PvP modes here. Microsoft tends to have more value because I can play Halo and Gears for years. The Sony games last a week to a month depending on if I go for every trophy.

Gears on PlayStation would be a let down.


Lets be honest here

GEARS 5 will be GOTY 2019 without problems. RE2 remake is good, DMC5 is amazing, sekiro is a master piece but honestly the quality of the graphics, the 60 fps on campaing, the multiplayer of GEARS is just WONDERFULL

The game have on multiplayer some problems of balance like the LANCER or the excessive camping but this game is material for GOTY

Lets say microsoft sell to SONY the franchise:

Sony will make a 40 hours campaing with 10 hours of “cinematics” lineal that will feels like a movie instead of a game. Also Sony sucks on multiplayer games look uncharted 4 multiplayer, god of war do not have multiplayer, days gone do even have multiplayer.

TC did amazing job just balance the dam multiplayer

  • Reduce the lancer damage
  • Reduce the damage of the weapons taking cover or hard aiming -50%
  • Release more maps & characters
  • 60HZ servers

¿Some problems?

Yeah, tons of bugs, glitches exploits a super predatory system with that shameful store with iron and skins.

Game crashing all time , unable to play during “Early Access” no leaderboards working correctly and the
Most hated game by community so far even up to Judgment.


If you are on Nvidia 436.15 driver do not crash anymore also the leaderboards only had problems the first 5 days since then they are working perfectly fine.

I play 4 hours per day multiplayer and weekends 8 hours at day zero crashes with a I7 7700k + 1080 gforce ultra settings 144hz. Using the driver i said above.

Gears 5 just need 60hz servers , some balances to reduce the camping and reduce the lancer damage then the game will be probably the best gears since 3.

Also CLASSIC-ALT gamepad removes the input-lag


Yessir and thats the only downside to their games is mediocre pvp or none at all


My comment was a joke at god of wars expense. I wasn’t saying Sony would do a better job.


I agree that sony is not so great in the multiplayer department but guess what God of war a mostly linear game won GOTY over RDR2 an immersive open world game js.

Like I said im talking about more on the tone (dark story, gore, physics) of Gears, mechanics can always be fixed.

Oh I know.

I replied to you because I giggled inside reading it. The amount of times he said BOY was hilarious.

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Sony can’t make pvp games, anyone remember all stars battle royal? Ew

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Just saying, Sony bought Sunset Overdrive because Microsoft was doing jack with it and Sony has no plans to do anything with it.

Gears needs a break anyway. It’s a tired franchise that’s been bastardized by TC. Time to give it a break and come back to it when the only thing that drives a game’s development isn’t just how much money it can rake in with MTX using predatory practices.