Seems like nobody knows how to deposit power in horde.. or play Horde lol

seems like when you play randomly everyone just holds power I was just in a game just now where everyone had 12k+


Public horde sucks sometimes. Find a squad.

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Which difficulty and wave?

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I always play in the public, and it’s rarely happen when I ask the team politely to deposit for Del, even if they were newbies playing Master difficulty on which that’s another issue of course…


Brave man. I wouldn’t touch public Horde unless it was a short version like the Terminator event! Too frustrating for me!


I have to ditch horde matches a few times a day because there are still players that don’t know how to play at all…

Mostly people with low levels and no re-up rank at all.

I don’t mind them. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’m glad they’re playing.

Just wish they would start off on a beginner match. I keep running into them on Insane.

Yesterday, it was a blast, I’ve done the new horde’s event in Master twice despite carrying the low levels xD, I actually enjoyed it more than the full 1-50 waves…

It is fun aint it?

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Yeah, public Horde sucks. It’s either people hogging the power for their useless perks, or non-engineers building fortifications.

I have to play at least on Elite to avoid these type of players.

Unless there no scout knowone should touch power drops,normally because only the scout gets a power bonus of at least 25%.But if theres no scout then it’s anybody thrashball game.

I think the Scout only gets that bonus if an enemy dies close to them. I don’t know how close this means, but if an enemy dies and drops power but were too far away from the Scout then there’s no extra power and it’s better that anyone grabs it before it deprecates into a single stack.

So the scout bonus isn’t like it was in gow4,scouts now only get limited bonus options.

Yeah. The Scout/Kait is still important, but not so much in terms of maximising energy. They have the Long Reach card and the speed perk which makes it easier to gather power, but Kait is more combat orientated nowadays. The Laceration and Blood Resonance cards are very important.

It strange almost everybody who was a big time horde player in gow4 would beat everybody over the head with the idea ONLY the scout gets the power no one else(funny how that message fell on deaf ears alot of times ).But now after all that,one of the scouts best preks just gets dumped.

I’ve had good experiences in custom games but usually depends on the difficulty. Most people I’ve played with on insane and above with no mics know what to do(with a few exceptions)

Have you done custom games?

Kait doesnt need to pick it up. As long as shes in the game the power is 25% extra. Anyone can pick it up and everyone will receive power.

I personally deposit the first 5 waves for forge, then buy 2 lv1 perks and deposit till wave 20 where I start maxing out my important perks.

What’s worse is an engineer who wastes money on tier 2 barriers instead of tier 1 and uses mg sentries. Yuck

What’s worse is failing before Wave 50 because Level 1 Barriers were used on outdoor map. :wink:

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The worst part of the public matches is that I find myself being the only one still playing after wave 10! A few here and there will stick it out till wave 15 or so but it seems like most are trying to get a build up on waves completed instead of planning on playing all 50 waves. I’ve only had one other person stick around the entire time, Most of the time I find myself playing with bots which are useless!

Horde can be hit or miss but you can usually tell by wave 10 if you’ve got players with a team mindset who will go all the way vs the solo players. If there’s a Jack Del & JD in the match I find those usually have the best chance at making it. Most matches I’ve played have been decent but I usually play as either Jack or JD. I’d like to use Kait but I’m not a fan of the retro lancer. The new horde event is pretty dope though wish it was a legit option for horde and not just an event.

Numpties in all difficulties to be fair