Seeing alot of complaining about the wrong things

Played Gears 2, 3 and 5. And im seeing alot people complain about the hitboxes, OP Gnasher and Lancer.

And frankly none of those things are the issue, The Gnasher is in a perfectly fine place right now. the only issue that involves the Gnasher if you want to blame the Gnasher is ping and server side lag. ive had instances where i barrel stuff and shoot the enemy but it only does 95-99% damage but thats cause when you’re put into a match you’re not attached to a dedicated server, im in USCS server but when i player multiplayer i can bet put in any other US server and not the one i have the lowest ping which leads to me playing against people that have anywhere from 40-120 ping.

And the Lancer is fine, its not OP. this is a cover based game and when you active reload the lancer and are out of cover you’re gonna be screwed which you should be if you’re out of cover in a cover based game.

My only complaints are the bad spawning, i find that the enemy will spawn 2-4 seconds after i do right behind me, Flashbang spam cause its really annoying to play defensive when 5 people are throwing flashbangs at you. And ignorance of other players when playing this game, ive watched friendly players walk right by the enemy or just not shoot the enemy when they have clear shots resulting it teammates getting flanked or losing an objective.

Aad i do miss when you were able to pick if you wanted to start with the Hammerburst, Retro Lancer or standard Lancer

and reading some of the other posts im seeing alot of Mad Cause Bad syndrome

just woke up so excuse the grammar


Did you play Gears 4?

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what does playing Gears 4 have to do with my post


You said you played 2,3 and 5. You’re saying the hitboxes, OP gnasher and lancers aren’t the problems for Gears 5. Those are a few of the problems between 4 and 5. The lancer certainly is OP. You go down faster in 5 than you would in 4 with an active lancer. Sure, people will agree with you on the weapons perhaps not being the problem but when you see post after post about weapons being OP, you better believe they are OP. It’s no coincidence that people have made so many threads about it. I am more than sure a lot of people would agree with me too.


They’re not OP ive been shot by all of them and i can easily avoid going down unless im getting shot by multiple enemies. ive had enemies avoid going down when i have an active reloaded Lancer.

And idk if you noticed but people will complain about anything just cause it kills them a few times. i know i verbally complained about the boomshot when i active reload and put a round between someones feet and they lived.

The weapons are fine, but il question the skill of people that are complaining


With all of the power weapons in GOW games nowadays.

In GOW 6 were going to to have The Hammer of Dawn as a starting weapon… Yep getting Retro Poked doesn’t sound all that bad now…


Mate, youd be surprised how touchy people get when you tell them its gears 5 and not a previous gears.

Lancer Is perfectly ok.
People say it’s op cause they think it “deals to much damage”

Of curse it does man, if you are one of those shotgun crabs that only knows how to run with a gnasher taking no cover, no skill to know that active reload won’t last forever, ammo won’t last forever , don’t know how to blind enemy with smoke etc etc …

You Will be blast off, and of curse, you Will say: It’s because Lancer Is op

The lancer is fine. They reduced the clip but increased ROf. You cant be missing your shots in G5

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It’s defiantly OP guy you have no clue what you’re talking about…keep dreaming

Knife crab here. 1v1 me.


Considering you havent played gears of war 4, then how would you know the difference to gears 5 lancer? Gears 5 lancer is basically double damage without an active to gears of war 4 lancer with an active. Cant run 5 feet without almost getting downed in gears 5

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I would a agree the Lancer is OP. But I do see your point about it being a cover based game. My problem isn’t necessarily how fast it downs you but what it leads to. It leads to matches where both teams are sitting there for 80% of the match because anytime you try to make a move you get INSTANTLY shot down. I suppose that can depend on the map As Well though. For example. I’ve had matches on icebound where it’s literally just both teams camping with their lancers the entire match. It is an open map. On the other hand a match on exhibit isn’t like that because of how close quarters it is. I feel exhibit usually has a healthy balance between Lancer and gnasher fights. In conclusion. I think the Lancer needs a slight tweak but ultimately it’s dependant on the map. Different maps require different play styles. Some maps require you and your team to formulate strategies and coordinate differently than other maps.


I guess, they could make the players regen thier health while not getting shoot… even if running / bouncing. Think this would solve the op lancer

In gears 2 I miss that hammer burst. I would select that over the lancer. Back then it was like the snub pistol. Each pull of the trigger fired a shot but it had the range of a rifle. A perfect on that you could down someone faster than the lancer. I don’t like the burst fire HB. I’d rather have the single shot back.

I’d just like a consistent Ping, I can’t form a realistic opinion on anything multiplayer related because of this.
Perhaps the option to ‘de-select’ servers from other countries would go a ways to rectifying this problem. Even if it means waiting 10mins for a game, I wouldn’t mind, at least it’d finally be a level playing field.
I’m no game designer, so not sure if that’s possible or even what the real reason is for why there’s such a disparity between everyone’s ping in any given lobby… All I know is that it’s not fun, even on the rare occasions that it’s me with the best ping I get little to no satisfaction from kills, because I know the victim saw that battle play out differently.
A level playing field (connection wise)is all I want, skill will then decide who is the victor.

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Just to add to your comment about the Lancer and open space.

That’s part of the problem, the maps are designed to facilitate rifle play and little cover movement and it doesn’t help that the lancer is downing faster in this game 'cause aim assist and bloom changes.

Lancers strength: Mid to long range support weapon, longevity (deep clip)
Lancer weakness: Any weapon that can kill/down faster (Markza, Boltok) than it at its preferred ranges or instant kill (Longshot, Boom, etc). Any weapon that kills in less shots in CQC (Gnasher, RetroLancer)

So what’s the issue then? All the lancers hard counters are on the map as pick up weapons to start (there also not always in play in the round) and the majority of the current maps have too many vantage points where you can get crossed up before you can do a thing. There’s generally not enough cover that can be utilized or maneuvered to make its CQC weakness a factor. So we’re left with Flashbangs/Smokes and a snub (with no persistent active bonus) and it’s evident that’s not enough.

The Lancer has a firm grip on game.

Another way to look at is as if the other team has Longshot on Gridlock in one of the side towers. Suddenly your movement becomes very risky; limited and snipe has complete control of the map. But that’s the reward/win condition of the map for winning the fire fight in the mid tower. Everyone starts with Lancer and if we’re all afraid to move because the similar aforementioned scenario then the match goes nowhere and becomes boring very quick.


[quote=“Gary_Wartooth, post:8, topic:26403”]
Of curse it does man, if you are one of those shotgun crabs that only knows how to run with a gnasher taking no cover, no skill to know that active reload won’t last forever, ammo won’t last forever , don’t know how to blind enemy with smoke etc etc …

You Will be blast off, and of curse, you Will say: It’s because Lancer Is op

Not everyone complaining of the lancer being OP is the type of player you’re describing. To think so would be grossly misguided.

I’ve beat this to death in previous posts so I won’t bother making the case again.

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Bad spawning? It hasn’t changed…

The hitmarkers are the number 1 biggest issue with the game… you see FLOATING hit markers no where near your body.

They added the freaking kill cam that RARELY works and everytime I watch it it DOES prove the point that the shots aren’t even connecting…

Noob friendly HUGE hit detection… all the casuals LOVE the game cuz they barely have to even hit you.

Gears 4 multiplayer is way better as of right now.

And I’m talking about all weapons here I hit headshots with the longshot and I’m CLEARLY no where near the head

“It hasnt changed”

Literally all brand new maps, the spawns literally have to change wtf are you even talking about LOL.