See how many players playing per mode

As I remember what a cool feature that gears 3 had. From last night I checked out gears 3. And some vs modes I saw only 200 people playing.
I really hope they add that. As not seeing who’s playing at gears 4

It’s a bit late to implement something like that now, but I know what you mean, there’s two ribbons I struggled to get and haven’t even tried getting them, the hardest is Not Today and is impossible if you don’t have a full squad and win a sudden death situation in Guardian, I recently tried searching for both these game modes and couldn’t get into a lobby barely anyone plays any other mode, it’s either TDM or KOTH.

They should at least add this feature for Gears 5 too, because it’d give good impression for players to see how many playing in region and worldwide.
Nothing bad about this feature, why leave out…

Yeah, saves you time aswell instead of searching for 10 minutes for no reason.

Ya I know it is fribss, but I have suggest that feature before. And beast mode. Also able to play horde or vs offline like you could in gears 2 and gears 3. Not sure about judgement.

From their updates they could if they really wanted to.

I don’t see why not.

Definitely helps when deciding what to play.