Secret achievements

I was talking about the “In Memoriam” cheevo. There is no way of getting it without doing the condor section on insane or higher…unless you have a very fortunate save.

Good call.

I just set up a private match on Execution and had it back fill with bots on casual. I locked every slot except 1 COG and 1 SWARM and started the match.

Until I delete it here’s a video of how it’s done.


Erm, I forgot about that section. That’s going to be a difficult one.

This is one achievements I will not be doing

Some of these are pretty bad. Any variant of Minh on Security, shut down the lasers. Ok. Only thing that makes sense is that they are referencing GOW 1 since he had the codes to open the door(s) or is there more to it?

nah, nothing else it’s a reference to “I got the codes”


That’s basically it! The reference was made again in the prologue of GOW4, but yeah, all you do is press the button on Security and it pops.

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Yeah I did that one with my friend in private. Just silly how they chose that as an achievement but it’s an easy score so whatever

That’s it. Very easy (or lame).

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Did it, I forgot how bad that section was, but I didn’t spend as long on it as I thought I was going to.

I did all the leg work with a friend already so I have save states ready for anyone to get the two pain in the butt campaign achievements:

-2nd player just needs to come in on insane, fire a boom into the swarmak’s face and they’ll get that achievement.
-2nd player is already holding the memento mori so we just need to walk 10ft to pick up grenades from a hole to switch out the Dom’s Toms I’m carrying. You pick them up and the achievement is yours.


You have the Momento save already? If you do, would you mind helping me and at some point my friend? I really don’t want to do 5 chapters of that boring campaign again (much less the cycle).

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I would love you for ever and ever if you could help me get the don tom achievement PLEASE

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Love is such a strong word. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

100% right but I will love anyone for ever and ever if they help me get this campaign over with. I still havent beat it on Ironman because I’m dreading it (also another convo we’ve had too many times lol)

Honestly inconceivable is still too easy, even on ironman. I did it solo a few times. And Co-op…by myself with 2 controllers for the achievements. It’s almost impossible to die using my method through the campaign.

What was that method again?

have a friend join you on causal should help out a little

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I don’t think the Memento Mori will work if one player is on casual and the other is on insane.

You can get to that area and then have them switch to Insane if necessary.

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